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Original title: Analysis – The overall strength gap of the Chinese Super League teams has narrowed, and the new competition system has caused melee in the middle and lower reaches

Article source: Yangcheng Evening News

The 2022 season of the Chinese Super League is about to ignite the war. This is the third consecutive season that the Chinese Super League has implemented a competition system. The past two seasons have been the most difficult two years since the professionalization of Chinese football. The league structure has undergone tremendous changes, and it has undergone a reshuffle, giving birth to a new order in the chaos.

The Chinese Super League has always had a tradition of winning the world with strong foreign aid. However, with the departure of famous coaches and super foreign players, the overall strength gap between Zhuqiang has further narrowed, and it has also provided soil for local coaches and local players to display. Under the new competition system, the Chinese Super League will expand to 18 teams, and the competition in the league is unprecedentedly fierce. This year is destined to be a season of chaotic hegemony and galloping dark horses.

The new competition system triggers melee in the middle and lower reaches

In the 2022 season, the Chinese Super League will adopt a four-stage double-round-robin system in three divisions, with 34 rounds played. The rounds of each stage will be 10, 8, 8, and 8 rounds, which will basically last for 4 days. The rhythm of a game.

The grouping of the three divisions is carried out in a serpentine arrangement of “host + last season’s ranking”. The only host in the three divisions is the Meizhou Hakka team. The top two qualifying teams in each group become seeded, and the two seeded teams do not need to rotate to other divisions. That is to say, the newly-promoted Meizhou Hakka team and last season’s top five Shandong Taishan, Shanghai Haigang, Guangzhou team, Changchun Yatai and Beijing Guoan will not change their divisions in the four stages of the competition.

According to the plan, the 2022 Chinese Super League season will be completed within five months. The “devil schedule” of a 4-day game will be a great test for the physical fitness of the players, especially the high temperature in the two major areas of Haikou and Meizhou after entering the midsummer. How to reasonably reduce injuries and maintain combat effectiveness through rotation will be the coaching team. The number one problem that needs to be faced, which also makes the Chinese Super League more uncertain.

After the Chinese Super League expanded to 18 teams, the relegation quota increased to three, and the suspense of relegation in the league was further increased. With the current status of 18 teams, in addition to the regular championship teams, the number of teams in the second group will be greatly reduced compared with previous seasons. After most teams are in business difficulties, their overall strength is greatly reduced. Guangzhou team, Hebei team, and Dalian team are all determined to play in the All-China class, and it is difficult for foreign aid from Guangzhou City team and Shanghai Shenhua to return in the short term. It is foreseeable that the number of relegation legions will increase substantially, and the battle for relegation in the league will be quite fierce.

Tushuai local shooter ushered in the opportunity to display

In the 2022 Chinese Super League, 7 teams will be coached by local coaches, namely Shandong Taishan (Hao Wei), Guangzhou Team (Liu Zhiyu), Changchun Yatai (Chen Yang), Beijing Guoan (Xie Feng), Shanghai Shenhua (Wu Jingui), Tianjin Jinmen Tigers (Yu Genwei) and Wuhan Yangtze River (Li Jinyu), the proportion of 39% is the highest in the past 9 seasons.

In the Chinese Super League last season, the local coaches performed quite well: Taishan team coach Hao Wei led his team to achieve a double crown, Zheng Zhi, the executive coach of the Guangzhou team, overcame many difficulties and won the third place in the league, and Changchun Yatai under Chen Yang The dark horse is full of color. Among the semi-finals of the Chinese Super League last season, three teams were headed by local coaches. In the new season, the local coach is expected to achieve a breakthrough again. Hao Wei and Chen Yang will be the leading figures. The two young coaches, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers coach Yu Genwei and Wuhan Changjiang coach Li Jinyu are also worthy of attention.

The four teams chose to change coaches, and they all welcomed old faces. In fact, the 11 foreign teachers are all familiar faces, and it is difficult to find foreign coaches. “Old Guoan” Xie Feng returned to Beijing Guoan, “Tie Shuai” Li Zhangzhu coached the Shenzhen team, Wu Jingui returned to Shanghai Shenhua, and Liu Zhiyu, who assisted Zheng Zhi in the Guangzhou team last season, was righted. As the so-called old wine in a new bottle, many players rely on coaches who are familiar with the Chinese Super League and the team to make a smooth transition.

In the past two seasons, Bakambu and Junior, the league’s golden boot winners, both scored only 14 goals, while from the 2011 season to the 2019 season, only the league’s top scorer in the 2016 season failed to score more than 20 goals.

The departure of super shooters such as Goulart, Caldek, Exxon, and Zahavi makes it difficult for the Chinese Super League to reproduce high-yield shooters. At the same time, it also provides opportunities for the growth of local shooters. Last season, Zhang Yuning and Guo Tianyu both scored 10 goals, showing a good scoring efficiency. In the new season, local shooters such as Zhang Yuning and Wei Shihao will undertake more offensive tasks and are expected to usher in a sustained outbreak.

The two heroes are competing for hegemony, and the newly promoted horses are scrambling to compete?

In the Chinese Super League, which is full of gibberish, stability has become the basic criterion for the club’s survival and record guarantee.

Last season, “Double Champion” Shandong Taishan and Shanghai Haigang, who won the double runner-up, were the few teams that were operating normally. With most clubs in arrears and serious loss of main force, the combat effectiveness of Shandong Taishan and Shanghai Haigang has risen instead of declining. While ensuring that the main team stays in the team, the two heroes are making effective supplements. Shandong Taishan introduced Liao Lisheng to replace Xu Xin who left the team. Guo Tianyu will most likely stay in Taishan after his short stay abroad. Shanghai Haigang introduced Zhang Linpeng and Xu Xin, two active international players. The competition between Lu and Shanghai will be the main theme of the Chinese Super League championship in the new season.

In the second group, Beijing Guoan, Changchun Yatai and Shenzhen teams will attack the top two. After retaining most of the main players, Beijing Guoan introduced all new aids in the foreign aid configuration. Coupled with the return of Zhang Chengdong and Li Ke’s return from injury, the new season is expected to regain lost ground.

Changchun Yatai is one of the most well-prepared teams in the Chinese Super League for the new season. While maintaining the configuration of five foreign players, it is also the most ideal among the upstream teams in terms of pre-season physical reserves and tactical adjustment. Although the Shenzhen team has two major foreign players, Caldek and Quintero, the team’s signing efforts are not bad. In addition, Li Zhangzhu’s iron fist can effectively make up for Shenzhen Football’s stubborn problem of losing the chain at a critical moment. Overall, the three powerhouses have the most capital to challenge the top two.

In the football league, newly promoted horses have always been the favorites for relegation, but this unspoken rule has been reversed in the Chinese Super League in recent years. Last season, newly-promoted Changchun Yatai became the biggest “dark horse”, while this season’s four newly-promoted teams, Wuhan Sanzhen, Meizhou Hakka, Zhejiang team and Chengdu Rongcheng all have the ability to disrupt the situation.

The four newly-promoted teams are in good financial condition in the process of rushing to the Super League this season, and they are one of the few teams in the Chinese Super League that do not owe wages. In the new season, while retaining the upgraded team, all four foreign meritorious coaches will remain in office, all of which have used the configuration of five foreign aids, and have basically been in place.

In terms of signings, the three towns in Wuhan introduced a total of 8 new players, spending 6.25 million euros, and the investment in signings was the most in the Chinese Super League. Not only new and old international players such as Liu Dianzuo, Gao Zhunyi, Deng Hanwen, He Chao, Tao Qianglong, etc. Including the players, there is even the “transfer standard king” Stanqiu to help out, which has been regarded as a dark horse in the new season. The Meizhou Hakka team signed 15 new aids including Yin Hongbo, Vukanovic, Dugalic, Kosovic and Rodrigo. , but fully capable of achieving better results.Return to Sohu, see more


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