None of the 13 drones loaded with the shells did not hit the target – the Russian forces have repelled these attacks with the help of missiles, anti-air, or by intercepting them with the help of the equipment of electronic warfare, thus taking over their direct control. In addition, these attacks came less than a week after an attack on an air base in Syria in which two Russian soldiers have lost their lives and several military aircraft were damaged.
the Mass media of Russia presented the images with the attack of Russian forces on the village of Muazzara, where they have been released drone attacks, claiming that their authors have been eliminated.
according to The publication The National Interest, Moscow seems to believe that militant groups in Syria behind these attacks have benefited from the assistance of other states, including pictures and information from spy satellites. Moreover, Moscow has implied that the United States, Turkey and the Ukraine would have been involved in these attacks.
In terms of Turkey, however, the Kremlin has retracted immediately any insinuation when, president Putin has explicitly stated to journalists in Moscow that Turkey was not involved. In addition it has not directly accused Washington of involvement.
“they were just a series of challenges with the aim to derail previous agreements between the parties involved in the Syria. Secondly, they were focused on the relationships we have with our partners – Turkey and Iran. It was an attempt to destroy these relationships. We have a perfect understanding of this fact and we will act in solidarity”, said the leader of the Kremlin.
“it Is impossible that these drones have been developed in an improvised manner,” said Gen. Major Alexander Nokikov, the head of the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Russian army for the Development of Aerial Vehicles Autonomous, in the date of 11 January. “These drones have been developed and used by experts with special skills developed in the countries that produce and systematically use UAV (drone)”.
as the notes editor of the publication the National Interest, Dave Majumdar, the ministry of Defense of Russia does not deny the fact that the majority of the components used for the manufacture of these drones – which have a range of almost 100 miles and can carry 10 bombs of small size – are available in the trade. Moscow, however, suggests that the way in which these devices have been designed, built and launched – not to mention the ammo special used – are indications that the perpetrators of this attack have benefited from external assistance.
“To produce such drones, some components, such as the engine, the steering, the electric batteries, may be purchased commercially,” said Nokikov. “However, the assembly and use of these components in a single system requires special training, a scientific knowledge and high practical experience in the production of these devices”.
In addition, Moscow argues that the software required the coordination of such a precise strike on bases of the Russian army would have required navigational information specialist – beyond the information available on the internet.
“For the drones to be able to launch/use the weapons with which they were endowed is a need for a special software,” he continued Nokikov. “Groups of militants would have had to receive the exact coordinates of their targets and take account of numerous parameters such as altitude, flight speed, wind direction and speed – for these drones to be effective”.
In conclusion, the groups militants in Syria have technical capabilities beyond the expectations of the Kremlin, and Russia does not accept the possibility that they have developed such capabilities independently.
“the Fact that the terrorists have received a technology so advanced in terms of assembling and programming the drones are evidence that the threats to our forces are not limited by the borders of Syria,” concluded the Russian general.
Even if the russians have found out where the assault was launched and by whom – the village Muazzara. in the area of Idlib, and by grouping the Ahrar-Ash-Sham – officials of the Russian army have not retracted the allegations implied earlier that the United States has been complicit in this attack.
“it Is a strange coincidence that during the attack drone on our bases in Syria, an american recon plane, Poseidon flew over the Mediterranean over four hours at an altitude of 7,000 meters”, reported the press agency Tass, citing a source inside the Russian ministry of Defense.
More recently, however, Russian officials have suggested that Ukraine could play a role in these attacks.
“should we look for the type of ammunition with which they were endowed these drones. They were transporting improvised explosive small size, 400g, each drone carrying ten such shells. Preliminary findings have indicated that in their composition has been used an explosive advanced, type PETN – what is the product in certain countries, including Ukraine. This type of explosive material can not be produced in an improvised manner, or extracted from other types of ammunition”, said Novikov.
Olga Oliker, director of the Center for International Studies Strategic, said to the National Interest that part of the allegations of Russia seem excessive, as determined by “the perception that advanced systems with which they were endowed these drones indicates that groups militant in Syria have benefited from foreign assistance,” and fueled by “the paranoia that stems from the fact that Turkey, The United states and Russia supporting different groups in the civil conflict in Syria”.
In addition, many western experts are of the opinion that Moscow underestimates the degree of sophistication and technical expertise of militant groups – while it overestimates the difficulty of obtaining access to the technologies necessary for such an attack.
“what is surprising is the fact that such attacks have not taken place earlier”, says George Beebe, director of the Center for the National Interest and a former director within the CIA.
“This technology can be acquired free, and contrary to the assertions of the russians, the level of expertise required to carry out such an attack is not so sophisticated. The United states has adopted this strategy of attacks carried out by drones autonomous at a time when few countries had this technology, but I did this without taking into account what will happen when our adversaries and non-state actors will have access, inevitably, to this technology. The attack in Syria represents a preview of what soon we will passover us”, said the former u.s. official.
One of the conclusions of these attacks might be so that the world has already entered a new era “wonderful”, where almost any such group, no matter how small, has access to such weapons extremely sophisticated.

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