Analyst predicts up to 300% increase for Bitcoin and three other cryptocurrencies

The trader known as Inmortal produces a series of analytics on his Twitter profile. Among the main ones stand out: Solana (SOL), FTT token, Cosmos (ATOM) and, obviously, Bitcoin (BTC). According to the trader, cryptocurrencies can go up to 300%.

In this sense, all can reach their maximum stories by the first quarter of 2022.

SOL back to $200

First, the trader presents his view of the price of SOL, whose price reached US$ 210 this year. Since then, the cryptocurrency has had about 25% correction and is now quoted close to US$ 150.

However, the price can still resume its upward trajectory and go beyond the historical high, but it will need to rise another 11% as the target price stipulated by Inmortal is $170.

“Good reaction in daily demand. If the price manages to reach above US$ 170, I think we will make a new ATH (historic high)”, says the trader.

FTT in search of the historic maximum

The FTT is the token issued by the US exchange FTX and is in the trader’s altcoin portfolio. The cryptocurrency has recently hit its all-time high of $80, but has had a correction and is currently priced at $54.

Although the drop seems negative, Inmortal believes the opposite: the current price is precisely an important level of recovery. In this sense, the FTT can reach an appreciation of up to 60% and reach US$ 86, renewing its historical maximum.

Maximum projection for the FTT.  Source: Inmortal/TradingView.

ATOM and 200% “scheduled” discharge

The third cryptocurrency analyzed by Inmortal was the ATOM, in which the trader predicted a 200% increase. According to his analysis, ATOM’s valuation towards $100 is “scheduled”. Currently, the cryptocurrency is worth about US$33.

Like FTT, ATOM is in the trader’s portfolio, but he intends to buy at prices below $30. Profits from this strategy can exceed 210%.

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“My dear cosmonauts, the plan hasn’t changed, $100 is scheduled. In the meantime, I will try to buy dips below $30″ he said.

ATOM price analysis.  Source: Inmortal/TradingView.

Bitcoin towards US$ 200 thousand

The largest cryptocurrency on the market again registered strong rallies, encouraging investors with the prospect of reaching $100,000. For Inmortal, however, this is only half of the total amount the cryptocurrency can achieve.

Based on his chart, the trader predicts that the BTC will come close to the $220,000 level in the first quarter of next year. He then predicts a correction of at least 30% to the $150,000 range and then a new 100% high to $300,000.

BTC price forecast.  Source: Inmortal/TradingView.

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