Analysts forecast: iPhone X is a flop – and yet Apple’s next model will probably even more expensive


Elegant, expensive and a store keeper: the iPhone X by Apple is truly no sales screamer. The low sales figures of the current Apple flagship and negative forecasts from analysts have been extensively reported in recent months. Only in November came the iPhone X for 1149 euros on the market. But the sales figures of the smartphone were recently apparently so bad that only a few months after release an unusual price decline began. For many online retailers, prices slid quickly well below the 1000 euro mark. Currently there are the iPhone X in online trading from just 875 euros (as of April 16, 2018). Such a Dramatic price erosion is rather unusual for Apple devices , Study: Many customers deterred by the price The hefty price, which can even be significantly higher with corresponding additional features, keeps many customers from buying the iPhone X from. According to Study of the investment bank Piper Jaffray 31 percent of the 1500 respondents said they were not ready to pay Apple’s hefty prices. One might think that Apple is countering the trend in its next iPhone to increase the buying mood of customers who are not hardcore Apple fans again. But apparently the opposite is the case. New iPhone X is even more expensive Analysts of the Swiss bank UBS now predict that the iPhone group makes the successor model even more expensive. According to UBS analysts Steven Milunovich and Benjamin Wilson, customers expect a renewed $ 100 mark-up on the new iPhone X, due to be released in the fall. For Germany this could then mean prices of up to 1300 euros in the basic version. the Business Insider is the research grade of the Swiss bank. Read here: Hardly anyone wants to buy new flagship models – why Samsung and Apple have gambled A cheaper alternative is the iPhone SE 2, the Apple with a new facelift to introduce in the fall , The mid-range iPhone is designed to offer a compact and affordable alternative to the flagship models. According to the UBS analysts, the iPhone SE 2 will cost around $ 300.


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