Anastasiya Kvitko asks for war! and puts on the mini, more mini!


When we thought we knew by heart the life and work of Anastasiya Kvikto, the Russian businesswoman goes and leaves us with her mouth open again.

It is clear that his tactic is not always to do the same and reinvent itself again and again, and so far, nothing has gone wrong.

From a woman with the body and the most impossible curves to a Russian businesswoman, a piece goes, and she is known equally, although to be totally honest every time her name is pronounced, the first thing that comes to mind is its volume, because in reality your business must be based on it.

That of bikinis par excellence, the one that its rearguard escapes on the two sides of an armchair or the one that claims to be the new Demi Rose has managed to surprise us with its styling.

No thread bikinis, or tops that can't and don't want to cover their entire front, Anastasiya today asks for war with the chosen outfit.

And it is very difficult for us to think how it is possible that a mini of the size chosen by the dummy can cover such a rear guard without leaving anything in the air. Complicated dress to wear in a body without its dimensions but in yours, impossible!

And as one who does not want the thing, choose a military print, asking war, tightening with a belt his mini waist and letting all his followers see why they say that his body has the shape of an hourglass, It does not matter!

We have no idea how to do it to move without the mini finish at waist level nor how it will do for the bikini underneath is protected from the eyes. He wants us to see the same thing, or the same thing, it doesn't carry anything, namely.


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