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In the Shtetl Anatevka, everyone follows tradition and everyone dances a bit like a fiddler on the roof. This is how the milkman Tevje imagines what it would be like if he were rich. But first the first three of his five daughters have to be married. However, Zeitel, the eldest, loves the poor tailor Mottel and not the rich butcher Lazar Wolf. How good that Tevje’s deceased mother-in-law and Lazar’s first wife report from the afterlife to change Tevye’s wife Golde’s mind. Tevye’s other daughters also don’t want to hear anything about the suggestions of the matchmaker Jente, they follow their hearts and decide in favor of the student Perchik or the Russian Christian Fedja. This is how times change, because men start to dance with women – and in all brutality there are riots at the wedding party, which started so happily. Then everything happens in quick succession: the shtetl has to be cleared within three days. Everyone packs their bags to embark on the journey into the unknown.
Premiered on Broadway in 1964, “Anatevka” has not only thrilled with enchanting dance scenes, large-scale show numbers and intimate ones ever since
moments, but captivates audiences worldwide because Tevje’s desires, dreams and hopes are deeply human. In the Graz new production, Ivan Oreščanin can be seen as Tevje, who is in dialogue with his creator in order to master his life. After his successful work in the context of the opera short enjoyment (most recently “Mario and the Magician”) and at the Stadttheater Leoben, Christian Thausing staged his first musical at the Graz Opera.