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Ancona, Lorenzo Farinelli died: a doctor suffering from cancer

Lorenzo Farinelli died, the cancer doctor from Ancona who was raising funds to seek treatment abroad. It will remain forever the image of a man who, faced with illness, pain and despair, has decided to fight to the full the evil that had taken away everything in his life. Everything but the hope of being able to grab the last experimental cure called Car-T, already widespread in the United States and regarded as a sort of miracle of science for those who, like him, were ill Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He had taken a camera and with his eyes moved had looked straight at the goal asking for help from the world to collect hundreds of thousands of euro because there was a way out and wanted to enter. «I want to live and I do not want to die». So he had appealed to the web in a poignant video, surrounded by the many friends who loved him and who had married his fight. And it is precisely after shooting that video message that his condition has worsened, in recent days his condition had worsened so much that, if initially Lollo had kept in touch with friends via Facebook, for some days he had stopped answering. Until today at 19.30, when his heart stopped beating.

A good, a generous one goes. A kind friend and a loving boyfriend who, in the last period, had even thought of marrying his partner. He did not have time. The dream of living is broken, but Lorenzo will remain in the heart of Ancona and all those who have spent only one minute to support his cause. That no, it is not dead, it does not die with him and even goes along with all those who want a country to care for should not be an Odyssey. The heart of Lorenzo Farinelli has stopped beating but will remain a symbol of courage and hope in the fight against cancer. An icon for family members, friends and those who tried to save it without realizing how he was to save others, to save us, showing us the heart that the Ancona and Italians can have in the battles for which it is worth worth fighting together.



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