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Ancona, panic and crowd at the disco: six dead boys and 120 injured – Corriere della Sera

Six boys died and 120 wounded overwhelmed by the crowd during a general escape to a place in the province of Ancona. The tragedy took place in the "Lanterna azzurra" disco in Corinaldo, in Madonna del Piano. From the first information it seems that to trigger the panic and the subsequent escape has been the use, by someone, of stinging spray. In particular, a local site, "Cronache di Ancona", speaks of pepper spray, which would have been sprayed in the air by one of the participants in the evening. And that would have sparked panic, just as happened in Piazza San Carlo in Turin on June 3, 2017, when over 30 thousand people watched the projection of the match of the Champions League final. Four boys sprayed a spray to attempt a robbery and triggered a general escape in which 1500 people were injured, including a woman who died a few days in hospital.

The crowd

According to sources from 118 – of which a dozen or so serious, 120 would have been injured in the crowd. 118 ambulances were transported to the nearest hospital, that of Senigallia, from where the most serious, a dozen, were subsequently transferred to the Torrette hospital in Ancona. Firefighters from Ancona, Senigallia, Arcevia, Jesi are intervening on the site. In the nightclub, according to reports from the firefighters, there were a thousand people, attracted by the concert event of Sfera Ebbasta, a very popular rapper of Trap music. Both the victims and the injured would have been injured and crushed. The fact happened around one o'clock in the morning. The carabinieri investigate the causes.

«The exit was barred»

"We were dancing while waiting for the show to Sphere Ebbasta, when we felt a sour smell, we ran to one of the emergency exits but we found it barred, the bouncers told us to come back …". It is the story of a sixteen year old boy who was wounded in the crowd in the Lanterna azzurra of Corinaldo, where six people were crushed. The boy was transported, along with his girlfriend of the same age at the Torrette di Ancona hospital. His story is confused. The crowd at that point would have vented to the side and dozens of guys would have fallen from a wall in the area below. "One died crushed under everyone," says the 16-year-old.

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