“And Donnie Mama” .. The last thing an Egyptian girl said before her fall

After her tragedy shook the Egyptian street, the mother of the student, “Menna Tamer”, who was killed after falling from the third floor of the “Sayed Al-Shuhada Elementary School” in the Agouza area, revealed some details.

On the day of the accident, the grieving mother reported that her daughter had put on the new school uniform after she woke up with a happy smile.

“I ululated and applauded for joy.”

She added in a statement to the program “Happening in Egypt”, which is shown on MBC Egypt, that her daughter ululated and applauded on the day of the accident with joy at school, explaining that she was in a class on the fourth floor.

She also revealed that the last thing the child said was moments before her death: “And don’t let me know.”

She indicated that the death of her daughter occurred at exactly eleven in the morning, stressing that her daughter remained for a long time on the ground without an ambulance.

I ran away from my teacher

It is reported that the girl was killed after falling from the third floor of her school in Giza Governorate.

In an official statement, the governorate stated that it was informed last Monday of the fall of one of the students, Menna Tamer Farraj, 8 years old, at the Sayed Al-Shuhada School in Mit Oqba, affiliated to the Agouza Educational Administration, from the third floor of the school, which led to her death after arriving at the hospital.

She also added that the initial examination revealed that the girl tried to escape from the classroom teacher after she demanded the presence of her mother to take her from the school, climbed the third floor fence and fell, noting that Major General Ahmed Rashid, the Governor of Giza, decided to suspend the school director, the floor supervisor and the classroom teacher from work for a period of three months with Referring the incident to the Public Prosecution and the Administration.

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Meanwhile, the Administrative Prosecution decided to open an urgent investigation into the incident and to state the school’s responsibility.