And finally .. Goodbye to the inconvenience with the update WhatsApp new


Some users of the WhatsApp instant messaging application are having trouble adding group chats without their permission, especially if those groups of strangers are not in the user's contacts. , Which allows service users to control who can add them to groups.

According to techcrunch, the owner of WhatsApp has introduced a new update that allows users of the service on Android and iOS phones to automatically identify who they can add to Group Chats without sending you an invitation, and anyone else not identified by the user. They will not be able to add them to a new group, unless they send an invitation to join the group, and the user accepts the invitation.

According to the new update you can activate the feature from within the settings of "WhatsApp", by selecting the account "Account" and then "Privacy", then the settings of the groups "Groups", and determine who can add you to a new group automatically.

The new privacy feature offers 3 options to determine who can add you to group conversations, including the option to allow anyone to join the user to groups, people on the My Contacts, or all contacts except Contacts except.

If someone, not specified in the privacy settings, tries to add you to a new group conversation, he or she will not be able to do so and will see a message that the user must first send a request, which will give the user the ability to approve or deny the conversation.

The company owning the service "Facebook" announced last April, that it is working to develop the control of the add-ons of group conversations, has indicated that it will introduce the new feature to its users around the world, but it is currently launched in India, where There are 400 million WhatsApp users per month.


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