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And now, electric scooters arrive on the slopes of Le Bourget

In the endless noria of private jets and business jets, the most observant users of the Bourget airport (Seine-Saint-Denis) can now see the discreet ballet … scooters on the tarmac. Since April 18, the air traffic controllers at Le Bourget airport have been testing four of these electric vehicles to get to the control tower. By September, a dozen more should follow, to allow the sixty people in the air traffic service to join the building.


"What must be understood," warns Franck Giraud, deputy head of department, "is that, unlike at most airports, the Bourget control tower is located in the middle of the tracks ". However, employees of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) do not have the right to enter this sector with their personal vehicle.

Cars too expensive

After the security checks, the 30 air traffic controllers have nearly 500 meters to travel on the tarmac before reaching their place of work. "A distance that can be done on foot, but a little long in everyday life, summarizes Franck Giraud. We have at our disposal a fleet of a dozen company cars, reserved exclusively for these micro-trips. "

A consequent budget for the service. "We have to rent as many parking spaces in the year from Aéroports de Paris (ADP)," explains Franck Giraud. Not to mention the cost of maintaining the park. "These vehicles do not drive much, so the batteries weaken very quickly. It requires a lot of logistics for mini-trips. "

Starting in September, the entire service must move next to the control tower, which is about 30 other people. So many heads that will make this trip at least twice a day. "Rather than investing in new cars, we opted for electric scooters. It's going fast enough to save us time, and it's cheaper. Not to mention the derisory carbon footprint.

Do not use in the rain or in the snow

For now, the goal is not to do without the car fleet, but at least not to increase it. "We expect about fifteen scooters in September, but we will adjust next year if necessary." What do the employees think? "For now, the return is very positive," says Franck Giraud. "Those who do not want to change their habits will still be able to drive anyway." What about security? "We are in the process of developing a charter, which will be signed by the employees. It will set the conditions of use. For example, we will advocate not using scooters in rain or snow. "


The contract is Mobistreet who dropped him. This start-up, specializing in the long-term leasing of scooter fleets to companies, offers turnkey offers. It provides equipment and equipment, provides maintenance, provides insurance, and manages the squadron. Cost per scooter: about 75 euros per month.

"We will be able to quantify the operation when we have evaluated the precise number of gears we will need, within a year. But we already know that the savings will be important, "predicts Franck Giraud.

"The scooter is turning up"

Created in late 2017, before the explosion of the use of self-service scooters, Mobistreet is the first company to have launched the concept of fleet leasing. Since then, she has won some lucrative contracts: with Suntory (Orangina-Schweppes), CRAM, a subsidiary of Dalkia (EDF Group) or a large CAC 40 company, which refuses to be quoted.

"We are quite proud to have contracted with Civil Aviation, a public player, with all that implies rigor, contractual complexity and security," says Eric Clairefond, co-founder of Mobistreet. "It's a small victory, which shows that the scooter is ennobling, if we have the concern to do so responsibly. After the DGAC, two important municipalities, in Aquitaine and Champagne-Ardenne, are now preparing to sign a contract with Mobistreet. And a dozen other contracts would be under negotiation.


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