And the Fufa sang: “Concepción, resign!” | Radio Club Tenerife | The news from the Canary Islands

The Santa Cruz costumed final commented with a lot of light in the stalls and queues at the entrances. In addition, with the novelty of seeing Raúl García as master of ceremonies replacing Alexis Hernández, a voice that had already become common in this show.

What did not change was the performance of La Fufa, dean of the Canary Islands murgas, before the participation of the finalists. With a new director, the Tenerife affiliate focused its criticism on Canary Television, in the midst of the controversy because her performance could not be seen throughout the Archipelago (due to the broadcast of the proclamation of Las Palmas).

The most applauded of the Ni Fú Ni Fá was the “Concepción, resignation!” that they decided to include in their traditional Cubanito. In addition, they were no exception in the tendency to shout “Estefaníaaaa!” which had become fashionable in this year’s phases. They ended with a murguero song that delighted the fans who were already in their seats. Meanwhile, others were still trying to access theirs at the International Center for Fairs and Congresses in Santa Cruz.

The presence of standing fans is one of the star measures of the new councilor, Andrés Casanova, while also one of the most criticized by murgas and hobbies.

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