Anderlecht want to finish the job on the road

This is the week of truth for the Anderlechtois. Before challenging La Gantoise in the Cup final, we will have to secure our place in the top 4 on the Kortrijk lawn. With, as a necessity, doing as well as the Buffalos!

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Dhe months of hard work to achieve his goals. Weeks and weeks of training that could be wiped out in an instant. To avoid disappointment, Anderlecht must finish the job started on the lawn of Kortrijk, a demobilized team. “However, I prefer to consider her at her best level, as she proved in the first leg,” said Vincent Kompany. “It’s a training that can be dangerous, it’s up to us to understand the meeting well”.

So as not to be surprised and have to take a look at the match played by Ghent against Leuven. “I don’t want to start counting things up because there have been so many turnarounds this season that there’s no point in focusing on the others. I prefer to focus on my players, without putting unnecessary pressure on their shoulders. My speech has never changed, in that I always advocate calm. Panicking has never done anyone any good. My dressing room knows how to approach things, because they are getting used to these big games, so I trust them”.

A feeling compounded by reality. To win his ticket to the Champions Playoffs, the Mauves can be content to do as well as the Buffalos. Even a setback might be enough. “But I prefer to ensure,” continues the Mauves mentor. “Efforts always end up paying off, which is why we have a well-defined common thread. Mentally, the guys have to be strong because nothing is certain yet. We are touching one of our goals with our fingertips but now we have to make it happen”.

On the side of an opponent who seems almost on vacation. Three meager units out of the last thirty entered, Courtrais’s record is very poor. “That doesn’t mean the trap won’t exist. I don’t want to start calculating or worrying about what will happen on the Ghent side, although I will have a staff member who will keep abreast of their score development. Only certainty, we will approach the match with a view to winning it. As always in fact”.

Get the upper hand over Hein Vanhaezebrouck’s men in the final match of the regular competition, enough to give a first uppercut just before the Belgian Cup final scheduled for April 18. “It’s clear that we have everything in our hands to live great moments. But I remain cautious, because it is always more difficult to take the last step”.

Speaking of taking a step, Vincent Kompany will celebrate his 36th birthday this Sunday. “I don’t even think about it because only victory will have a taste of satisfaction. When you become a coach, you have to be able to absorb everything, so as not to be overwhelmed. Calculations can lead to disappointments, that’s why I avoid them”.