András Stohl is hiding in the skin of Mick Jagger

András Stohl a Star in the star with his singing teacher, Lajtai Kati, he shared his fear that imitating Mick Jagger was too big.

András Stohl won the last broadcast of Sztárban Sztárban – Source: TV2 / Sztárban Sztár – video

I just can’t yet decide what it takes to make it overwhelming or to make it hit“The 55-year-old actor told Kati Lajtai, saying:”I’m surprised you say that, because as an actor in previous weeks, too, it was just an advantage and you could work with him. And here’s someone who’s really very unique then, and you can lubricate it again.”

However, the soon-to-be-five-year-old Stohl fears Jagger will catch it and the judges won’t be happy with it either. “He’s a lot of himself. He’s so much that it’s almost a parody, but he fills it. It would be awful if Szabi or Zalán or any member of the jury said: Well, that’s a strong cartoon!

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