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    Raoul Blue Beard

    Various soloists, Orkester Nord, Martin Wahlberg (direction).
Cover of the album "Raoul Barbe-Bleue" by André Grétry.
Cover of the album "Raoul Barbe-Bleue" by André Grétry. ASIDE

Born in the XVIIIe century to circumvent the lyrical exclusiveness held by the Royal Academy of Music, comic opera flourished in the Parisian fairs of the time by combining popular theater and singing Italian import. Succeeding Philidor and Monsigny, the master of the genre is undeniably André Grétry (1741-1813). Witness his twirling Raoul Blue Beard, created in 1789 on a booklet of the inevitable Sedaine from, among others, the tale of Perrault. This first world recording, made during a presentation of the work in Norway, seduces from start to finish. Elegant for every occasion, the instrumental writing is a model of sound marquetry. The vocal part (tunes, ariettes, duets and ensembles) does not give in to him anything and the spoken dialogues are picturesque to wish. An exhilarating exhumation. Pierre Gervasoni

2 CD Aparté.

Cover of the album "Courage" by Céline Dion.
Cover of the album "Courage" by Céline Dion. COLUMBIA / SONY MUSIC

First known in French-speaking Canada in the early 1980s and then in France from the end of the same decade, Celine Dion began an international career in 1990 with a major discography in English. Courage is the twelfth example. Shared between the commercially dominant genre of pop-r'n'b, already discussed with Loved Me Back To Life in 2013, and the smooth pop-rock variety, supports a vocal demonstration most often without emotion. Which, in the first register, gives songs whose arrangements and sounds could as well be used for other voices. On the variety side, some themes save the album: Falling in Love Again and Courage, with piano, strings and vocal restraint, Say Yes, rather sober, I Will Be Stronger, who touches the soul way and How Did You Get Here, back to the 1960s. At that time, these five titles alone would have been a pleasant 45-rounds. Sylvain Siclier

1 CD Columbia / Sony Music.

Cover of the album "Everyday Life" by Coldplay.
Cover of the album "Everyday Life" by Coldplay. PARLOPHONE

We thought the formation of singer Chris Martin more concerned in 2019 by the carbon footprint of their tours than by the musical relevance of his albums. Miscarriage: After the festive excesses of A Head Full of Dreams (2015), Coldplay takes a backhand with an eighth studio album of invigorating diversity. Everyday Life, double album split into two parts ("Sunset" and " Sunrise ") explores new sound territories in the career of the British group, including Africa and the Arab world, vibrations afrobeat on the successful Arabesque (with the participation of Stromae and Femi Kuti) to Norah Shaqur's mesmerizing vocals on Church. The single OrphansBehind her choirs of innocent schoolchildren is the story of a Syrian refugee under bombing in Damascus. There are also some piano and folk guitar breaths, such as Trouble in Town and Guns (whose words denounce the American flaws). And if Chris Martin sings the state of the world, he still excels in the heart-breaking ballad with Daddy, where he evokes the absence of his father. Franck Colombani

1 CD Parlophone / warner.

Cover of the album "Yasuke", from IAM.
Cover of the album "Yasuke", from IAM. DEF JAM

Since 1989, the rap group in Marseille has cultivated a fascination for the Orient, from Egypt to Japan. His tenth album is named after a character from Japanese culture, Yakuse, a black samurai of whom a Jesuit missionary would have authenticated the existence. As dramatists of antiquity used tragedies to educate citizens, IAM used myths to get fans to think about political, philosophical, and rarely religious issues. It can also be content with light subjects: this disk of darons begins with a piece that makes fun of their young colleagues, Omotesando particularly well produced, the scratches old school colliding with new sound techniques. The effect is more dissonant when Akhenaton resumes the flow of Nekfeu in We will do it, piece of S-Crew, or for the chorus of anti-capitalist The Money Train. The reunion with Psy4 of Rime is, however, a success as the sympathetic Good Morning Song, with the American Skyzoo. Stéphanie Binet

1 CD Def Jam.

    Chinal Ka 1973-1995
Cover of the album "Chinal Ka 1973-1995" by Erick Cosaque.
Cover of the album "Chinal Ka 1973-1995" by Erick Cosaque. HEAVENLY SWEETNESS / OTHER DISTRIBUTION

A strike and a voice committed for almost fifty years for the gwo ka, musical tradition rooted in the rural and social history of Guadeloupe. After the death of Guy Konket, in 2012, the singer and percussionist Erick Cosaque, born in 1952 in Pointe-à-Pitre, is one of the last "historical" figures of this genre that has its source in plantations at the time of slavery. This compilation developed by Frédéric Martin (co-creator of the blog and label Les Mains noires) benefits for the booklet of the scholarly pen of Bertrand Dicale, author of Neither black nor white – History of Creole music (City of Music-Philharmonie of Paris, 2017). She draws in the albums groups created by Erick Cossack – Voltages 8, Cadence Gilles and X7 New Dimensions – with which, by integrating guitars and electric keyboards, saxophone and flute, he has redesigned the rhythms of gwo ka with jazz and soul-funk accents, or spoken word. Patrick Labesse

1 CD Heavenly Sweetness / The Other Distribution.


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