André Hazes about his relationship with Monique: “We do it our way and that is fine”

André Hazes, Monique Westenberg and their baby Dré.© five

After a turbulent period in his life, it seems as if André Hazes has finally found peace. His relationship with Monique is also very good after several break-ups. “We do it our way, and that works fine,” he says on Radio 2.


Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 8:58 AM

The Dutch singer was a guest in the studio with Peter Van de Veire and Kim Van Oncen in their morning program Goeiemorgen morgen. “I am doing very well. I finally managed to charge my battery all over again. I am a new version of myself,” he says.

When the presenters ask about his relationship with Monique, he says his life and relationship are more stable than ever. “I find her incredibly strong that after all she’s been through, she still puts our family above everything else. She has always supported me, despite everything I’ve done and I’m still grateful to her every day.”

The two have a son together and were already engaged once, but they broke up several times. Earlier this year, Hazes confirmed that the two are back together, in their own way. “I live in my own house and she lives with Dré (their baby, ed.) in another house. I am with them two days a week, but in between I also take my son to school and I sometimes sleep there. That way works best for us at the moment.” The singer adds that the intention is to live together permanently again.


Hazes has gone through a turbulent period and made a documentary about it together with a Flemish director. He talks candidly about how he had to fight for his life because of his excessive drinking and drug use. Meanwhile, the singer has been clean for two years. “It was already the best two years of my life. When I look at the footage from the documentary, it feels like I’m looking at someone else and not myself.”

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2023-05-25 06:58:58