André Hazes makes himself heard again after Instagram silence

I’m back!’, writes André, who performed in Het Zomertheater in Den Bosch, with one of the photos. ‘How lovely you were! How we enjoyed it! And we can shoot again tomorrow!’

André kept quiet on Instagram in recent weeks, presumably after a tip from Radio 538 DJ Frank Dane. He advised the singer to stop using social media for a while because of the attention for his turbulent love life.

At the beginning of June, André stated in Frank’s show that he did not understand that many people make such a fuss about his private situation. “If you actually dissect the situation and look at what actually happened: a relationship does not work, I have a new girlfriend, period. There is nothing wrong with the rest,” he said. “I’m not bad for my ex, I’m good for my son. People make a big thing out of it.”

Although André kept quiet on social media about his relationship with Sarah, his mother Rachel does not mince words. In the video below she talks about her new daughter-in-law.