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André Jolivet, E.B. The Younger, NOLA is Calling …

To listen in particular this week: the incantatory flute of Hélène Boulègue, the leader of Midlake takes the light in solo, a nice tribute to New Orleans …

By Marie-Aude Roux, Pierre Gervasoni, Patrick Labesse, Sylvain Siclier and Franck Colombani Posted today at 17h06

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  • André Jolivet
    Complete work for flute (vol.1)
    Hélène Boulègue (flute), François Dumont (piano).
Cover of the album "Complete work for flute (vol.1)," by André Jolivet.
Cover of the album "Complete work for flute (vol.1)," by André Jolivet. NAXOS / OUTHERE MUSIC

Among the major composers of the XXe century, André Jolivet (1905-1974) is probably the most regularly written for the flute. Perhaps because the instrument allowed him to give free rein to his desire for mobility and freedom while being an extension of an ancestral breath. As evidenced by the references that constitute Five incantations (1936) and Song of Linos (1944), brilliantly interpreted by Hélène Boulègue. Associated with the authentically choreographic piano of François Dumont, the flute leads to the trance, as in the finale of the stupefiante Sonata (1958) which is worth to Jolivet to go to the depths of a right expression suggested by the miniatures which precede it (Fantaisie-Caprice, 1953) or succeed him (asceticism1967). Pierre Gervasoni

1 CD Naxos / Outhere music

  • Joseph Haydn
    Sonata Hob. XVI: 6, 20 and 48. Variations on the Imperial Anthem. Variations Hob. XVII.6.
    Kristian Bezuidenhout (pianoforte)
Cover of the album "Piano Sonatas" by Kristian Bezuidenhout.
Cover of the album "Piano Sonatas" by Kristian Bezuidenhout. Harmonia Mundi / PIAS

Nothing resists the winged fingers of Kristian Bezuidenhout. After a magnificent complete Mozart sonatas, the South African pianofortist continues his journey with the more whimsical music of Joseph Haydn he plays on an instrument of Paul McNulty after an Anton Walter of 1805. The Sonata in C minor and the Variations on the imperial anthem (transcribed by the composer from the second movement of the String Quartet op.76 no. 3, known as "The Emperor") show the extent of a dynamic and expressive palette of which nothing is excluded from what goes from rigor to fantasy. If the juvenile Sonata in sol remains in the vicinity of the charm, the Sonata in C of 1789 is conducive to more seasoned robinsonnades, that the amazing mastery of the keyboardist both spurs and contains. The variations which enclose the volume especially exalt the voluble imagination of the adventurer Bezuidenhout, whose dizzying choices – ornaments, tempos, colors, phrasings – give the feeling of a long exhilarating intoxication. Marie-Aude Roux

1 CD Harmonia Mundi / PIAS

Cover of the album "So Miles" by Nicolas Folmer.
Cover of the album "So Miles" by Nicolas Folmer. CRYSTAL RECORDS / SONY MUSIC

It was during various concerts that trumpet player Nicolas Folmer designed his tribute to Miles Davis (1926-1991). Who is today in this album So Miles, portrait of all the possibilities of the career of the musician and his key performers. Acoustic jazz, free forms of the quintet of the 1960s, electric flights of the 1970s … Folmer and his musicians – the core group is made up of guitarist Olivier Louvel, keyboardist Laurent Coulondre, bassist Julien Herné and drummer Yoann Serra – intermingle Blue In Green, composition of Bill Evans (1929-1980), and Nefertiti Wayne Shorter in a common daydream. Bounce on an electrifying variation written by Folmer from Pinocchio by Herbie Hancock, evoke in another composition of Folmer the orchestral arrangements of Gil Evans (1912-1988) for the trumpet player … All here in perfect knowledge of styles, often in crossings, atmospheres, for an inventive exploration that goes as far as at a resumption of Get lucky, of Daft Punk. The rendering by Folmer and his companions is closer to what Miles Davis, always attentive to his time, would probably have done. Sylvain Siclier

1 CD Cristal Records / Sony Music.

  • E. B. The Younger
    To Each His Own
Cover of the album "To Each His Own", by E. B. The Younger.
Cover of the album "To Each His Own", by E. B. The Younger. BELLA UNION / PIAS

The Texan Eric Brandon Pulido has courageously assumed the role of substitute leader of the Midlake prog-folk group, after the disaffection, in 2012, of the tormented Tim Smith, architect of the awesome The Trials of Van Occupanther (2006). While training has disappeared from radar since the honorable Antiphon (2013), Pulido reappeared in 2017 in the BNQT Supergroup (Band of Horses, Grandaddy, Franz Ferdinand and Travis). This emancipation seems to have reinforced it in a solo artistic parenthesis, under the identity E. B The Younger. Recorded with musicians from the aforementioned formations, this first album assumes a classic and luminous writing, detached from the sophistication and melancholy of Midlake. Pulido's aerial harmonies are distinguished by compositions with neat arrangements, tinged with a soft rock aesthetic reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, Dennis Wilson and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Fans of melodic candor like Wings / Paul McCartney should not remain insensitive to the charms of To Each His Own. Franck Colombani

1 CD Bella Union / PIAS.

  • NOLA is calling
    Sewing Machine Effects
Cover of the album "Sewing Machine Effects" by NOLA Is Calling.
Cover of the album "Sewing Machine Effects" by NOLA Is Calling. JARRING EFFECTS / OTHER DISTRIBUTION

Particularly cheerful, funky, percussive and singular, mixing electro sounds, hip-hop scansion or incantatory and cello, here is a beautiful tribute to New Orleans (or NOLA, for New Orleans Louisiana). On the initiative of this project, the journalist and director Elodie Maillot (a documentary co-directed with Arnaud Bitschy will be released in May) has been caught by the call of NOLA, bringing with her the multi-instrumentalist and beatmaker Marseille David Walters (artistic producer of the album), the French cellist Olivier Koundouno and Bonaventure Didolanvi, a musician of the Poly-Rythmo Orchestra of Cotonou (Benin). All found themselves "in situ" around the MC Ha Sizzle, rising figure of the bounce music (emerging dance in the early 1990s at NOLA), Big Chief Romeo and Big Chief Jermaine. Two "Black Indians", black American inhabitants of New Orleans who gather in tribes, make sumptuous costumes and parade for Mardi Gras, paying tribute to the spirits of the American Indians. Patrick Labesse

1 CD Jarring Effects / The Other Distribution.

Marie-Aude Roux , Pierre Gervasoni , Patrick Labesse , Sylvain Siclier and Franck Colombani

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