André-Pierre Gignac set to become the European player with the most appearances in Mexican soccer

Lat the end of Closing 2023 starts this Thursday between tigers and the Chivas and the French of the cats, Andr-Pierre Gignacwill become the European player with the most appearances in Mexican soccer, regardless of whether his team wins the crown or not.

According to data from Ricardo Salazar, TUDN reporterthroughout the history of the Liga MX Nearly 300 footballers of European origin have played, but Gignac will be the player with the most appearances in the Aztec league.

Gignac and his records as a representative of Europe in the MX League

One of the historical in Mexico is the Spanish Benito Pardobut with his two games in the semifinals of the Closing 2023, Gignac the same with 292 games in Mexico, so just by appearing in the starting lineup, or by entering the exchange, the Frenchman will surpass the Iberian to be the European with the most duels on Mexican soil.

Gignac landed almost eight years ago with the tigers and already owns numerous Mexican football brands, both for foreigners and global ones, and with close to a decade in the Liga MXthe Frenchman is close to breaking the record for the most appearances for a European.

There are 23 European countries that have had at least one footballer representing them in Mexico, and they are close to reaching three hundred players from the old continent in the Liga MX.

Benito Pardo held the record with 292 games (which Gignac is about to break) in 1979. Before, the Catalan Mart Vantolr He was the first European to surpass 100 games in Mexico and reached 205 games when he retired in 1950, but the Frenchman will climb to the top of the podium in the next few hours.

2023-05-26 03:20:45

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