André Silva, Manchester City’s plan B if Kane does not arrive

As reported by the prestigious German media Bild, the Manchester City you are interested in getting the services of André Silva, if he does not manage to close the incorporation of Harry Kane this season and with the intention of finding a replacement for Sergio Agüero, who left as a free agent for FC Barcelona after the final of the UEFA Champions League a few days ago.

The citizen team, which has just been champion of the Premier League and Carabao Cup, needs to add a new center forward for next season, taking into account that they only have Gabriel Jesús on the squad. Despite the fact that Pep Guardiola wants to give continuity to the system with the false 9 and many speak that Liam Delap, scorer of the U23 team, will make the jump to the first team, Manchester City wants to add a new striker.

El plan B del Manchester City

Harry Kane is everyone’s first choice in Manchester. His decision to leave Tottenham Hotspur has set off the alarms of all the greats, who know that signing him would be a strong blow in the fight for the Premier League. But, at the same time, its price can make it difficult to get out, considering that the whole of North London does not want to sell it. So André Silva is plan B.

The Portuguese striker is coming off a sensational season in the Bundesliga and is the top-tier center forward with the lowest price, considering that he is priced at € 60 million. A bargain, which could end his departure from Frankfurt in the coming weeks.

Manchester City have a clear plan: If they cannot sign Kane, they go with everything for André Silva, who also likes Pep Guardiola and fits perfectly with his style of play.