Andrea Llosa to Magaly Medina: “I don’t care what you think, I’m free to play the topics I think are convenient”

Andrea Llosa responds to Magaly Medina. (Photo: ATV / Instagram)

journalist and host Andrea Llosa return this Monday, January 24, on TV with its new season of Andrea, and this Sunday, January 30, with Nunca Más. The communicator pointed out that she will continue to touch on all the topics she deems appropriate, including the stories of the entertainment characters. Likewise, he indicated that he is not interested in what he may say Magaly Medina about.

As you remember, the driver of Magaly TV La Firme has expressed its discomfort regarding this situation, pointing out that “ayes it is television, the competition is not always outside, sometimes it is also in the house and things are snatched away (Dayanita case)”.

“If I will continue playing stories of entertainment characters? The program is not about shows and the stories that have worked the most for us are not the stories of well-known people, but quite the opposite. Does not go through the show sideyes I think that in four years not so many have appeared, Barraza, Dayanita, Juan Víctor and Robotín. It’s not about show business. Also, we don’t look for the stories, they look for us”Andrea Llosa pointed out.

Are there quarrels with Magaly Medina? She has openly complained about the times you have touched on characters from the show business…

I’m not interested in what Magaly thinks, I’m not interested in what anyone says unless they are my producer or part of the environment of the program honestly,I am free to touch on the topics that I think are convenient. I am not aware of what Magaly says or does not say, she can say whatever she wants, she is free to do so. And if it bothers you, well, it bothers you, what can I do? Everyone owns what they feel and what they think. And I have no grudge, to clarify.

What’s more, I work in Barranco, where Combate was, and she works in San Isidro. So I never cross her, and if that happens I would greet her normally, as I have done at some point. I feel that from what she can say, one begins to imagine things that are not. I haven’t seen her in a long time. There are no quarrels, zero.

Magaly Medina hinted that Andrea Llosa's program steals her ideas.  (Photo: Capture ATV)
Magaly Medina hinted that Andrea Llosa’s program steals her ideas. (Photo: Capture ATV)

Do you have friends on TV or are you very demanding?

I do have friends on TV. (He begins to count on his fingers) Mathías Brivio, Giovanna Díaz, Fernando Díaz, Pamela Vértiz, Martín Arredondo, Mabel Huertas, etc. If I have friends, and I’m not very demanding, ah. As long as they have good drinks and talk well, everything is perfect (laughs). If there is a fight of egos? We all have egos, not just for people who appear on TV. Regarding Juliana Oxenford and Magaly Medina (with whom they always confront her), I have no relationship with them and I don’t have to have them. I think we are all doing well and everyone has their space. I have no problem with any of them, but it’s not like I’m going to be friends with everyone.

Magaly Medina sympathized with you when you separated. Did you believe him?

Of course I believed him, of course I did. He spoke that he was sorry, of course I believed him. I felt sincere and I feel sincere. I do think he said it from the heart, because there are kids involved, my children are already teenagers. I think a lot of people (are affected) by seeing a family break up. Luchín (her husband) and I have always been shown together in reports, the day he asked me (marriage) in the snow. People have seen that I have had a solid family. How can you not be sorry? So I did believe him. Really, ah (with emphasis). Read the full note here.

Andrea Llosa returns with a new season of Andrea y Nunca más.  (Photo: ATV)
Andrea Llosa returns with a new season of Andrea y Nunca más. (Photo: ATV)


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