Andrea Rosli, Celebrity | Got a new outlook on life after the “Farmen” participation: – Must stop it

On Sunday, Henrik Eijsink (26) was named the winner of “The Farm” 2022, while Andrea Rosli (24) had to settle for second place in the popular TV 2 competition. But despite the loss, she feels that she has, in a sense, won.

– It was second place in “The Farm”, but it was first place in so many other things, says Rosli to Nettavisen.

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Among other things, the 24-year-old traveled home from the “Farmen” recording with a potential boyfriend, Lasse Fredheim (26). The two have not defined themselves as lovers – but could reveal during the final party on Sunday that they are “very exclusive”.

In addition, she has gained a new view of herself after participating.

– The future looks bright

In front of Nettavisen, Rosli tells that she is very proud of how she has managed on the farm, and that she has seen a clear development in herself after the weeks on “The Farm”.

– I am so proud of the woman I am becoming. I’m much cooler than I give myself credit for, says Rosli and laughs.

– I can do so much, I am resourceful and reflective. But I have to start seeing it myself. Because it’s no use being 24 years old and being mean to yourself all the time, adds the “Farmen” finalist.

For that reason, she has now decided to trust her gut feeling more and care less about what others think.

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– I will do things that I want, things that make me happy, and not necessarily what society expects of me. I will of course be professionally active and all that, but I will find my way and dare to bet on myself, she says to Nettavisen.

– So my future looks very bright. But I hold myself back. And I have to stop with that.

According to the 24-year-old, the “Farmen” stay has helped her to realize just this, as during the eleven weeks on “The Farm” she has realized how much she actually has to offer.

Clear message to the critics

As mentioned, Andrea Rosli finished second in “The Farm”, behind Henrik Eijsink. She herself is happy with the second place and proud of the winner, but not all the TV viewers are equally happy with who ran away with the victory.

Already during the final, viewers took to social media and criticized Eijsink’s victory over Bente Rabba (55) in the milk pail competition – which secured him the final place.

Some viewers believed that the 26-year-old cheated, which both he himself and TV 2 have since denied.

Rosli also points out that the competitor followed the rules, and has a clear message for those who might think otherwise.

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– People who sit in the comments section and discuss whether the winner was worthy or not, they have no idea what they are talking about. Henrik, Bente and I were there all the weeks, and everyone who has been involved. “Farmen” is a worthy winner. Regardless of what you’ve done, how you’ve acted and whether people like you or not, the 24-year-old firmly points out.

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– So I think people should think twice and thrice before they say something mean. We read the comments section and catch up on what’s going on, and we’re only human. The viewers have seen very little of what actually happened, and I think with my hand on my heart that Henrik deserved the victory, she says.