Andrea Valdiri’s sister surprised dancing mapalé with a short skirt

Shujam Valdiri, sister of Andrea Valdiri, He recently generated a stir and several compliments on social networks after having shared a video dancing.

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The woman who has always stood out for not caring about the opinions of others due to her spontaneous personality, decided to once again show her skills to move her hips and did it with a demanding rhythm.

Through your official account Instagram, The influencer decided to show herself in front of the camera lens while she was from the comfort of her room wearing an attractive outfit consisting of a tiny yellow top and a short skirt.

And although this time he did not write any message in the description of his publication, he did put a kiss emoji for all his followers.

The musical piece began to play and with it, Shujam moved her body to the rhythm of the mapalé, which made many of the users congratulate her for her talent to move their hips.

“I love his personality”, “what talent you have”, “very funny”, “real and authentic, transmitting good vibes”, “how nice it is to see you dance”, “you should teach me to dance a little”, “just as beautiful as his sister “, were some of the messages that Internet users wrote to him.

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