Andreea Marin, revelations from intimate life. “We were much more shy then”

Andreea Marin is one of the most famous local stars. Although she was (and still is) one of the most courted and appreciated women in Romania, the beautiful brunette did not have much luck in the love chapter.

An educated, refined woman with a lot of common sense, Andreea Marin has always been an imposing appearance on glass. However, the star has always been discreet intimately. He managed to keep his personal life away from prying eyes.

Although he did not have so much luck in love and went through many separations over the years, it seems that now things have changed for the better. The brunette recently confessed to the fans that she found it the perfect man for her. Although the Fairy of Surprises has always been discreet about her love life, the former TV presenter decided to share with her fans an intimate detail from adolescence.

At what age did he get his first kiss?

Invited to a show, the TV star talked about her first kiss. Nobody knows the identity of the lucky boy who stole the first kiss from Andreea Marin. One thing is for sure, the moment was memorable for the beautiful Moldovan woman. The brunette confessed that it was normal for her to have her first boyfriend on the verge of coming of age, because “that’s how it used to be.” The recollection of the moment of the first kiss made her smile.

“At the age of 17 or 18 I kissed for the first time, I was much more shy at that time! Yes. The story happened with two green eyes. I was a kid, she was stolen. It happened in school “, said the former presenter of the show” Surprises, surprises “.

Andreea Marin, revelations from intimate life. “We were much more shy then”

Three failed marriages

The years passed, so did adolescence, and in the meantime, the star went through three marriages concluded through divorce. The star first married Cristian Gheorghiţă in 1995, when he was only 21 years old. Their marriage lasted only 3 years, after which they divorced.

In 2006, Andreea Marin said YES to the artist Ștefan Bănică, the juror of the show X Factor, on Antena 1. The two formed the most publicized couple of 2010, with a marriage that lasted seven years. Their stormy relationship has kept the front pages of scandalous newspapers and magazines warm. Marin and Bănică have a daughter together, Ana Violeta, the fruit of their love and the greatest pride of their parents, according to the Fairy of Surprises.

Andreea Marin, revelations from intimate life. “We were much more shy then”

The third time Andreea Marin put on her pirostries was with Tuncay Ozturk. She met the Turkish doctor in 2013, shortly after her divorce from Ștefan Bănică. The two lived a beautiful love story. The man moved to Romania, for her sake, and they got married in 2014. Their marriage lasted 11 months.

The incurable romantic

Despite the fact that the role of wife has not been very gentle with her until now, Andreea Marin declares herself to be an incurable romantic, who still hopes for the sanctity of marriage. Although a little skeptical, the Moldavian woman does not completely reject the idea of ​​reaching the altar again one day:

“I still believe in marriage. Why not? After all, it’s a matter of vision, choice, chemistry! ”

Currently, Andreea Marin is in love again and lives a love story away from the eyes of the curious press. He focuses on the career and happiness of his 13-year-old daughter Violeta.

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