The announcer went to travel with her spouse and friends. Photo: Ekaterina Andreeva, Instagram news from the plot: Media warfare and changes in the media. After that, the announcer left the borders of the Russian Federation and went with her husband and friends on a trip to Africa. On her Instagram page, Andreeva said that she was literally forced to “go on her legal leave” by writing it in an appropriate decree. Since the leader had 12 vacation days, she decided to go to the savannah. Andreeva called her trip “full of unexpected surprises, meetings and adrenaline.” Since 1997, Catherine Andreeva has been the face of the evening news release for the central regions on Channel One. After its disappearance from the air scandal broke out. The TV presenter herself explained her absence by the “taste of superiors” and added that she “had not left yet” from the TV channel. Nevertheless, for some time, the “Time” program for the central regions was led by Kirill Kleimenov. October 29 Andreeva returned to the evening broadcast.


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