Andrei Plesu: the World knows increasingly less to read and listen to

Andrei Plesu: the World knows increasingly less to read and listen to


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And the elegance of the supreme the last few years was how he lived the end: peace, surîzător, carefully, without damage, to the matching shirt with tie and handkerchief in the lapel. He died as a roman senator, happy to love and be loved. With him disappears the last representative of a generation of martyrs “blessed” and – for me – the last master…

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Invocation (remembrance, remembrance, recitation) incantatorie of the divine Name – as an expression of the supreme-laconic good settlements in the world. Practiced with some continuity, she creates the necessary distance to everything experience everyday. Strict pronounciation of the Name defines, by contrast, everything that “is” as a oblivion. This is, apparently, the perspective of the extreme oriental. Christianity choose, on the contrary, to invoke – based on the Name of God – fullness of the created world. The fact is that, from the angle of absolute the world swings – would say – between nothingness and fullness (derived). Through this balance, she is the very definition of relativului. But and Name, in turn, can be perceived from the perspective of the world – either as an “absolute” of nothingness (“the darkness of god”, the mystery of the inaccessible of the Creator), be as impeccable creative and… sweeping. Al-Ghazzâlî: “When man becomes acquainted with the invocation of the Name (dhikr), he separates the [interior] of all. However, at the moment of death, he also separates from all that is not God. What remains is only the invocation of the Name“. [Cf. and the word of the Prophet (as cited in Titus Burckhardt, Introduction aux Doctrines ésotériques de l’Islam, Paris, Dervy-Livres, 1969, p. 142): “I Have to die and to live pronunțînd Your Name”.] In this sense, the “prayer of the heart” is and she, like any dhikr a way to practice and to update the death (and what comes after…).

Once, in college (1969?)

the Two gentlemen, on the bus, making conversation. An example of innocent speech in the blank. Illustration “discovery” of the void newspaper:

– What are you doing, yo, Săndele?

– What to do, yo?! Well! Yes the’ YOU what are you doing? That you vision unchanged!

– I? Eh, with pension. One-another, something else and there it is!

– Really? And the rest?

– otherwise, well, what can I say? So… Yeah’ you didn’t tell me YOU what are you doing!

Me, how you know me, what can I say… I you I want you to know, that I haven’t seen much!

October 8, 2017

We weep, often, of how miserably that the talk English, at all levels: from young teenagers to ministers and mps. We don’t talk but, as often, about the fact that the world knows increasingly less read and listen. And I’m not talking about illiteracy itself or at the hearing deficient, but to the inability of the manifest to many commentators (and in the public sphere, and in private) to understand a text or a speech, no matter how simple it may be. The causes can be various. Some are deprived, simply, the exercise of reading and patience listening to each other. Others don’t read to understand, but to show others that you have access to the “adîncimi” escaping the crowd. Others read and comment on what they read or what they hear, manipulated by the fixed ideas of their own or of a-priori hiring partisan. Give an example that involves me. Not because I want to get out scot-free, but because I have it handy. In a television show, I said that you can’t judge people in black and white. It was “much lamented” Iulian Vlad, become a holy patriotic, to whom we owe all that is best in the country after 1989. However, I used to say, that be had – as I say apologists – the aura of a grandfather “solar”, a mentor, gentle and subtle, of a man “good”, always ready to sacrifice on the altar of the country, cannot wash away the crimes stretched on for decades, perpetrated against their own people, if it wasn’t “good”, in meaning given to “cumințeniei” of the communist party. Security we have escaped the KGB, of hungarians, of the imperialists, “agenturi” and “oficine”, but I don’t really understand what it was with us! That no miners from the Jiu Valley, even the workers in Brasov in 1987, nor Vasile Paraschiv, no Gheorghe Ursu, nor Doina Cornea, no Radu Filipescu, no Dorin Tudoran, no other victims of “labor operative” provided Security were not russians, the hungarians, the kgb or the capitalists. To illustrate the “complexity” psychological of any executioner, I called him Vlad Tepes: a be had its moments “solar”, moments of “benevolence” thing. I just don’t-and spent the whole time tugging people up. I could take any other example from the gallery of the great despots of “radicals”: Ioan Vodă the Terrible, Ivan the Terrible, etc.a.m.d. So I had to! Well, what comparisons are these?! Vlad the Impaler was killing thieves and traitors (although historians would have, perhaps, added some shades…). Yes, but I don’t bring it into the discussion as to convict him, or to do a portrait of you “scientific”, but to illustrate the possibility that a yarn cruel to have moments of “pause”, the “emotion” of the human. I don’t count but what told. Count what they had to say some commentators, be like me “înfiereze”, either because they do not pricepuseră the point of my speech. How about the issue of “Security beneficial”, tender, attentive to the motherland and the people, remains what we talked about… “With all the love!” how do I see that they say now, when you want to say uncomfortable things.

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