Andrés Cepeda tells how he overcame stuttering | Children’s Day – Colombia

This November 20, Unicef ​​commemorated the International Children’s Day, in which they advocate for their rights, for their freedoms and for their integral development.

Not surprisingly, both for the entity and for the leaders of the world and families throughout the planet, minors are the future.

“It is a day of celebration for the progress made, but above all it is a day to draw attention to the situation of the most disadvantaged children, to publicize the rights of children and to make people aware of the importance of working day by day. day for their well-being and development, “said Unicef ​​on its official website.

Within this important commemoration, which focuses on “foster brotherhood among the boys and girls of the world and promote their well-being”, Comes the voice of someone who, with the help of music, managed to overcome a mishap in his childhood: a situation that could take him away from the field for which he is recognized today.

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‘I found my great value in music’

Andres cepeda He is one of the most prominent singers on the national and international scene. The interpreter of songs such as ‘I’m going to miss you’, ‘Used kisses’ and ‘Embrujo’ saw in music the reason to get ahead and overcome a difficulty that, at the time, led him to develop social insecurities: he had a stutter.

“(The stuttering) It began to manifest itself in the pre-adolescent years (…) I had many problems communicating and socializing in my school group because it was difficult for me to say my name or introduce myself in class”, He assured.

The most curious thing is that his prodigious voice did not always have the characteristic uniformity. To overcome this difficulty, he focused in the music and he found in melodies a ‘lifeline’ with which he began to build his artistic destiny.

“Music was an opportunity not only to achieve that but to be the person I am today and find a way and fall in love with music and continue studying and start my projects,” he said.

It is worth saying that among those projects beyond music appears the charitable field, as he is currently a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

In fact, it was in front of the cameras of the entity that he opened his heart, told his story and invited other children to be “very brave, do not fear, betting on art is worth it. In the world there must be a place for each one of us and there must be an opportunity for all”.

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‘At the bottom of those little eyes there is always hope’

Andres cepeda

Andrés Cepeda is one of the best known contemporary Colombian singers.


Instagram: @andrescepeda

After his life experience, Cepeda spoke about a particular issue that worries him: childhood in the country and in the world.

“I am terrified that many children are exposed in this way and that they have so few possibilities”, however, “they have a beautiful thing and that is that, despite the difficulties they face in their territories or in their homes or in their neighborhoods, they always greet you with a big smile ”.

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It is precisely the longing for change portrayed in children’s faces that inspires him to help them get ahead: “At the bottom of that smile, at the bottom of that problem, one can see a little light in their eyes, a hope and a I want things to be better ”.

At the bottom of those little eyes there is always a lot of hope”, He emphasized.

How to achieve that purpose? Within the framework of International Children’s Day, the invitation from both Unicef ​​and the artist is to reimagine the reality of minors in order to bet on a positive transformation that guides their future.

I reimagine Colombia protecting its children and adolescents, starting from very big and very strong changes that have to take place in our functioning as a society”, He raised.

Talking to the ‘inner child’

Cepeda recalled his childhood days with a certain nostalgia: he thanked the efforts of his environment to overcome stuttering and, above all, he devoted himself to what at that time was the way out of his condition: music.

Andrés Cepeda Unicef

The acclaimed artist invited you to dream of a better world.

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What would happen if Andrés, now aware of the problems of childhood, will return to the past to dialogue with his little ‘me’? “I would tell him not to be afraid, to look at himself as a valuable person, to be even more courageous, more daring and more daring and to keep in mind his gratitude with life for the family and the circumstances that touched him. ”.

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It is worth continuing to fight for what we want so much to be as human beings”, He concluded.

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