Andrés Guardado clarifies his celebration, “at no time am I making fun”

Andrew Saved, Betis player, shared a message in the face of controversy that was generated by the video circulating on social networks, where pretends to be hit by an object on the head, a fact that was taken as a mockery before the violent act lived by the Sevilla player, Joan Jordán.

“Everyone who doesn’t know me you have interpreted it in the wrong way although totally understandable from the context… that is why I want to say emphatically that in I’m not making fun at any time of the act suffered by Jordan,” the Mexican wrote on his Instagram account.

Betis defeated Sevilla 2-1 in the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey, however, everything was defined until this Sunday because of the aggression received by the Andalusian player the match was canceled and postponed one day.

In Saturday’s game, it was the 39th minute when Jordan was hit by an object in the head by the fans, so the game did not end. Given this, Guardado gave his point of view.

“It has been an event that should not be experienced on a football field and that it’s unfortunate and a shame. Believe me, if I knew that Jordan was really bad, I would never do it,” he added.

Andrés He added that after stopping the game, there was a situation that he lived closelyAlthough he did not specify what it was about, Yes, wait for what happened to be revealed.

“What I don’t agree with is everything that happened afterwards on the field that I experienced first-hand, where we all know each other in the world of football and I know that sooner or later it will be known what really happened“, pointed out the ‘Little Prince’.

Saved ended his message celebrating the victory of Betis, “Seville is Verdiblanca. MUSHO BETIS”.

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