Andrina and Kenny distract themselves with sports and sweets

After Separation

For the first time, Andrina Santoro speaks on Instagram about the separation of Kenny Leemann. Both give your followers insight on the new Single everyday.

  • Andrina Santoro and Kenny Leemann have separated.
  • The former Bachelorette is addressed with a Statement to your Insta-Followers.
  • Both show how they deal with the separation.

After 14 months of relationship have separated Andrina Santoro (26) and Kenny Leemann (24). This is the former “Bachelorette”Couple this weekend gave to 20 minutes known. The former rose kavalierin stated that there was no specific trigger for the Beziehungsaus: “We have distanced ourselves just to each other. From the feelings of custom was.”

In the meantime, Andrina has confirmed the separation on your Instagram channel. “Yes, it’s true. Kenny and I are no longer together,” says the Fitness-Influencerin on Sunday evening in their Insta-Story. She stresses: “We have separated on Good terms.” A separation was but still never easy and you need now some time, until things have calmed down.

“I’m going to say”

You can ask your Followers to respect your privacy and to send any future messages to the topic. “The question is whether Kenny and I are still together, this answers.” Finally, everything was still very fresh. “I’m going to say.”

Instead, Andrina allows your Followers to be a part of how she spends now, after the separation time. In their Insta-game, shows on the weekend, among other things, snapshots of a Meeting with friends. And also the Sport may not be missing in Andrina, of course: When Cycling in the nature, they snapped fresh air.

Kenny is the Process “on”

Also Kenny took advantage of the beautiful weather to be out and distract the Sport. The architecture student is a Video from the tennis shared a place in his Insta-Story. And he ventured on the last weekend in may, even a jump into the cool Wet. However, he is then in the Story Post: “The lake is even colder than I thought.”

Also food for the Nerves may not shortly after a separation is missing. Kenny indulged in on the weekend, a stack of homemade Pancakes and wrote to the Video: “Processing…” For the separation of Andrina, he has not expressed himself on Instagram in the past, directly.

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