Android Auto: Wireless mode works with Google smartphones


For some years, music and other smartphone content with the help of Android car be played in your own vehicle. For this purpose, however, always a data cable was required. Now, Google is providing a wireless device connection solution.
This feature was called “Android Auto over Wi-Fi” and is now available. If a compatible Google smartphone is used, the user can connect directly to the car radio via Wi-Fi. In addition to the pixel models, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are also supported. In addition, at least Android 8 Oreo and the Android Auto app in version 3.1 to be installed on the device. The initial setup is still done via the classic cable connection.

The car radio must be compatible According to Android Police Users need to check if their own vehicle is compatible with Android Auto’s wireless mode. At the present time, only a few car radios have been launched which fulfill this criterion. At CES 2018, the two manufacturers JVC and Kenwood had presented corresponding devices with which the Google smartphones can now connect wirelessly. Currently, the search engine group is also working to make the wireless connection also accessible to the smartphones of other manufacturers. However, this process may still take some time. Specific dates are not yet known. It also remains to be seen whether a larger number of car radios will support Google’s new features in the future.

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2018-04-15T21: 02: 00 + 02: 00 Tobias Rduch


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