Android P: multitasking reorganizes to satisfy gesture navigation


A big aesthetic change of Android P is unveiled today: the multitasking mode would reorganize itself to take a horizontal orientation, more readable, but also more optimized for a navigation by gestures.

The Google I / O is fast approaching . But it seems that Google has hidden many changes to come despite the availability of Android P in Developer Preview .
As spotted on Chrome for his birthday, a new Material Design 2 would be in preparation. The Google app is also updating this way. And this morning, a new design for Android P gave a glimpse of a new browser interface .
New multitasking and Android navigation P
Our comrades 9to5Google have been a little further. These were confirmed, from a source that could use it, the reorganization of Android multitasking mode cards, which are now placed horizontally and much more spaced, as we could see at the time on Web OS.
From there, they called on a talented graphic designer to recreate the interface. We are also learning how the new navigation bar works.

The pill is used here as the classic Home button: a simple click to return to the home. As seen previously, the appearance of the Back button would be contextual. To display this new multitasking mode, you have to slide up from the pill. Drag a map upwards to close the current application. Staying on the pill always helps to call Google Assistant .
Far from being definitive
As 9to5Google says in his article, this mode of operation seems far from definitive. It is true that the need to always simply push the pill as a classic button makes the change seem as unjustified as it looks.
However, we are still far from seeing the latest version of the OS in its final form. It’s a safe bet that the mode of navigation by gestures is simply not finalized, making this mode “in-between” is for the moment the only accessible to lucky developers who can test the OS in preview.
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