Android P: Navigation buttons could be replaced by gestures


The idea for Google should have copied itself from the iPhone X. As early as 2009, this operating concept was introduced by Palm with WebOS. Xiaomi and OnePlus have also been supporting full-screen gestures recently.

Android P could be like that Apple iPhone X by integrating touch gestures on the navigation bar or parts of it. This indicates a Google published screenshot in frame a post to DNS However, the Android developer has since removed, after a 9to5Google about it reported and a discussion on Reddit launched and the new feature became so public.
The published screenshot shows a middle home button, which is no longer symbolized by a circle with a border, but by a rounded bar. There is no multitasking button on the screenshot. The latter could be replaced by a gesture.
Gesture control already in 2009 under WebOS / h3>
Using gestures as a substitute for navigation elements is not a new concept. Already in 2009, Palm introduced such a controller for WebOS. Apple took up this idea and the iPhone X, which has no home button more, implemented , Other parts of iOS may come from WebOS, after 2010, an important WebOS designer to Apple changed ,
With OnePlus and Xiaomi, there are also two manufacturers from the Android warehouse, which even complete the navigation bar through a gesture control replace , As far as Google does not want to go on Android P yet. Finally, the screenshot continues to point to a navigation bar.
Xiaomi informs the user with animations about the new feature. These are displayed under Settings – Full Screen Display – Full Screen Gestures. OnePlus has also integrated animations and presents the full-screen gestures under Settings – Buttons – Navigation bar & gesture.

Already after a short acclimatization time, one got used to the full-screen gestures and can look forward to the gained space for content. The surface also looks nicer, since disturbing control elements are invisible.

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