Android P: “P” for Popsicle and an iPhone X inspiration?


It’s up to you to see what you want, but one of the new Google spring wallpapers shows ice-water images that are translated as “popsicle” in English. Is this a hijacked allusion to the upcoming Android P update? It’s possible. In any case it is that think 9to5Google for whom the presence of a wallpapers with popsicle is a big clue as a house as to the name of Android 9.0 “P”. We know that Google affixes each edition of its mobile OS a name of dessert or candy. So yes, ice-creams enter this scenario. Previous names were Donut, Cupcake, Eclair, Marshmallow KitKat or Oreo. But there was also the category of frozen desserts with Froyo and Ice Cream Sandwich. However, there are still other desserts that start not p: pudding, panna cotta or pecan pie. Android P eyeing the side of the iPhone X Always according 9to5Google , Google has reportedly released a screenshot of the new Android P interface, and the layout of the menus is reminiscent of the interface devoid of buttons iOS 11 on the iPhone X. Similarly , a “capsule-shaped button” at the bottom of the screen tends to indicate that multitasking would be reviewed. With vertical navigation and a horizontal swipe to switch from one app to another like Apple’s smartphone? Recall that Google had also announced the support of notches (initiated by the iPhone X) that invade Android smartphones. Google’s focus on notches indicates a shift in hardware design direction. Notch and optimization In addition to the management of these notorious notches, the notifications will benefit from an update. You will now be able to see pictures in the notifications, which could help you to know more quickly with whom you are chatting. You’ll also be able to use Smart Replies, Google AI responses to texts already available in Gmail and its Allo Chat app. Android P allows also integrates indoor mapping, for example when you are in an airport or conference room. This feature could have a potential impact for retailers and other sellers who want to lead you to a specific product in a store. The software also focuses on improving the autonomy and protection of the phone. Now, Android will limit access to your phone’s microphone and camera when apps are running in the background which could keep hackers at bay. Android P should also facilitate automatic filling of usernames and passwords by password managers. Next, it will be early May While Google is preparing all these new features, there remains a major challenge: ensuring that users can use them. Android is used on many hardware and support. Brands like to add their own overlays to the operating system, slowing the arrival of updates and increasing fragmentation. Last February , only 1.1% of Android users used on the current version, Android Oreo. The vast majority of them, more than 81%, are on three previous versions: Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop. The oldest of these, Lollipop, was first released in 2014. In comparison, Apple has 65 percent of users on iOS 11, the most recent version of its software for iPhones and iPads. , we should not delay to know the outcome of this unsustainable suspense since Google will take advantage of its annual conference I / O (May 8-11) to formalize the name of this update. In the meantime, you can offer a good overview of What’s new in Android P .

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