Android P: The end of the navigation buttons is approaching


The update to Android P could bring a big change for many smartphones: It’s possible that the three classic on-screen navigation buttons will be completely redesigned with the update. In the future it is possible that you only see two symbols at the bottom of the screen. You may already know one of them in similar form iPhone X , On a screenshot of Android Developers Blog is probably only a new DNS feature of Android P to see. However, according to 9to5Mac, the image was trimmed because it showed the entire screen before – allowing for a view of new on-screen navigation. You can watch the recording in complete form by tapping on the tweet at the end of the article. On the lower left you can see the classic “back” triangle. To the right of it is instead of the round homebutton but only a thick line. The multi-tasking button has completely disappeared. our recommendation A step towards gesture control Therefore, it is likely that Google completely redesigned the navigation bar with Android P. It is unclear whether a tap on the stroke will take you back to the start screen, or if you need to wipe it up from the dash, as with the iPhone X. To see all open applications, you might want to swipe up and hold your finger for a moment. A very similar gesture control has been around for quite some time OnePlus 5T in progress, but the corresponding update has not yet been released. Jan already has the feature tested in the beta version and liked it. In addition, the “Back” button should only be visible if the currently open website or applications also support it. Presumably, the revised navigation bar is a major innovation, the Google actually only on the I / O 2018 on May 8th want to reveal. The screenshot also shows that pop-up windows with Android P have well-rounded corners. In addition, the time in the notification bar probably moves to the left side. What do you think of the alleged changes?


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