Android Pie users complain about autonomy

Users of the latest Android OS Pie complain of poor autonomy. In an hour of waiting the smartphone loses from 10% to 20% of the battery charge.

According to users of the Android Pie OS, after the update, the operating time of a mobile device from a single battery charge was significantly reduced. In particular, smartphones on the new "OS" consume too much energy while in standby mode. According to the owners of gadgets on Android Pie, new settings lead to overruns, which are controlled by a neural network. Google already knows about the problem. The IT giant promises to solve it while preparing the next system update.

By the way, the newest ninth version of Android – Android Pie, released as a preview in March 2018, is not at all popular with owners of mobile devices. According to current data, the OS installed only 0.1% of smartphone users on Android. This indicator is even less technical error.

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