Andy Montañez will pay tribute to Ismael Rivera with a new musical production

Andy Montanez will return to the recording studios, this time to fulfill one of his most desired goals: to pay homage to “El Sonero Mayor”, Ismael Rivera. The production, according to a press release, will be made up of some boleros popularized by the singer also known as “Maelo”.

“El Niño de Trastalleres”, on the other hand, highlighted two of the many reasons that have fueled this dream for decades: his deep admiration and respect for the sonero, and the musical genre that united them.

“Boleros that the Sonero sang” will feature the production and direction of the Puerto Rican Cuban bassist, Ramón Vázquez Martinera. The also arranger brought together a select group of female musicians and voices from Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, who will use their talent to enhance Rivera’s legacy.

Some of them are Omara Portuondo, Ileana “iLe” Cabra MinstrelsJacqueline Hood, Millie Quezada and Liza Montañez, eldest daughter of “El Niño de Trastalleres”.

The album will also include the participation of musicians such as pianists Eduardo Zayas and Yan Carlos Artime; saxophonists Miguel Zenón and Edmar Colón; drummers Henry Cole and Francisco Alcalá and percussionist Ettiene Rivera, among others. As arrangers, Eric Figueroa, Cucco Peña and Manuel Tejada will be present.