Anfisa Chekhova showed how she looked 26 years ago

03:50, 02.07.2020

The TV presenter shared a rare archive photo.

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Stars of domestic show business often share their archival photos. Sometimes they want to show important milestones in life, and sometimes on such rare frames you can observe changes in appearance that occur with stars over the years. On the eve of the TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov showed how she looked 26 years ago. This rare black-and-white photo was not even in the archive of Chekhova herself – her old school friend gave her the picture. The celebrity hastened to share the frame with the audience of her microblogging on Instagram.

“My friend @yustupa, with whom we have been friends since the last grades of the school, found my 1994 photo in my storeroom. It seems to me 16 here. And in the eyes of all the sorrow of the Jewish people. And Fingal under the eye of natural origin, no one beat me! How do you like it? ” – briefly commented on the TV star her publication (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes – Prim. row.) It is worth noting that in this post Chekhov first touched on the topic of her nationality and confirmed that she was really Jewish. “Now you know,” the artist wrote succinctly.

Anfisa Chekhova showed how she looked 26 years ago

Telediv’s colleagues appeared in the comments. So, the star of the series “Voronin”, actress Julia Kuvarzina wrote to Anfisa: “I remember you just like that !!! You were very sad and serious! ” And I must say, Anfisa was extremely surprised by this, noting that she always imagined herself different in communicating with people. “Come on!? And it seemed to me I was a laughing laugh! Somehow we always evaluate ourselves incorrectly, ”the presenter joked.

Anfisa Chekhova

Recall that in late April, against the backdrop of the scandal caused by the words of Regina Todorenko about the justification of domestic violence, Chekhova decided to tell her story of abusive relationships. The presenter shared her own traumatic experience associated with experienced domestic violence. “18 years ago I came to the emergency room, mutilated mentally and physically, with a broken nose and a torn eardrum. My face was one complete bruise, my heart was in shreds … because I was beaten by a man whom I loved so much that forgave him everything! Beat because I was tired of enduring his drunkenness and empty promises and decided to leave. Unfortunately, I didn’t yet know that leaving a man who is very drunk can be life threatening, ”Chekhova shared bitterly in her microblog on Instagram.

Anfisa Chekhov with ex-spouse Guram Bablishvili and son Solomon

In addition, Anfisu was outraged by the fact that the medical staff of the emergency room tried to expose herself to blame. “So, in that very emergency room the nurse taking the beatings told me the phrase:“ It’s my fault! What did you do that he did so to you? ” About the same phrase was recently said by a sweet little girl Regina Todorenko, ”Anfisa Chekhova shared her experience.

Now 42-year-old host of the show “Model XL” alone brings up the son of Solomon, who was born in a marriage with the Georgian artist Guram Bablishvili. The star met the father of her only son when she played in the entreprise performance “Once upon a Hot Night” in 2009. The affair with Bablishvili began on tour and continued in Moscow. In 2012, their heir was born, but the couple registered marriage only in 2015. But he did not last long – Anfisa and Guram divorced two years later, in 2017. The reason for the separation was the betrayal of the actor.

The son of Anfisa Chekhova Solomon with his pet

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