ANFP lawyer for Byron Castillo’s crying: “The lie normally has a short life”

The lawyer stated that the player “has to go out and speak the truth.” AGENCY ONE/FILE

May 24, 2022 10:27 a.m.

Eduardo Carlezzo, the lawyer who defends the ANFP in the lawsuit against Ecuador, analyzed the situation experienced this weekend by the selected Byron Castillo, who burst into tears during a match for the local league.

The player, who is the subject of Chile’s claim due to doubts about his nationality, tearfully asked to be removed from the match between Barcelona de Guayaquil and Aucas.

The image, which went viral on social networks, would account for the pressure that the player would be experiencing in the face of the legal process initiated by FIFA, which could leave Ecuadorians without going to the World Cup in Qatar and with heavy sanctions.

In statements to La Tercera, Carlezzo addressed the case and pointed out that “the best response, the best defense, will always be the truth. There can be no fear in speaking the truth, because the lie normally has a short life and can take a heavy toll in the future.

“Byron has to come out and speak the truth. Today he risks expulsion from professional football, but there is still time to speak the truth and even escape a heavy sanction. I am sure FIFA would welcome the player’s cooperation in the best possible way,” he added.

The Brazilian jurist also expressed that “he must clearly take into account that if by chance the truth about his nationality does not appear now, that mark will continue to accompany him until the end of his sports career and will surely make it difficult for him to be hired by big clubs. soccer”.

“They will also risk a penalty for using a player who has falsified documentation. Byron has in his hands the key to his professional future”, he specified.

The Ecuadorian Football Federation disassociated itself from any responsibility in the case, assuring that Castillo’s nationality was determined by local justice. In fact, they stated that an eventual sanction should fall on the player and not on the team.