Angara-A5, launch of a powerful Russian rocket

Russia has had a lot of problems with Angara-A5 rocket. Its first test flight took place on December 23, 2014, and the second one on December 14, 2020 from the cosmodrome in Plesieck. Only the third, most recent start was fully successful and it gives hope for the implementation of the planned plans. Angara A5 is also to be used for commercial flights. A launcher at the new Vostochny cosmodrome is to be put into use for this purpose.

The Angara A5 is a heavy load-bearing platform that consists of one URM-1 core and four URM-1 amplifiers, a 3.6 m long URM-2 second stage, and an upper Briz-M or KVTK stage. The vehicle weighs 773 tons at takeoff, meanwhile it offers load capacity 24.5 tons in a 200 km orbit, 5.4 tonnes in GTO with Briz-M or 7.5 tonnes in the same orbit with KVTK.

The disclosed information shows that the production of one copy of the Angara A5 costs about $ 100 million, but ultimately this amount can be reduced to about $ 55 million. Russia is planning to build reusable missiles in the future. They are supposed to reduce mission costs. Here Roscosmos is inspired by an American company SpaceX.

Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian Space Agency, has repeatedly accused Elonowi Muskowithat it is dumping prices on orbital missions, thereby killing the space industry in European countries and Russia itself.


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