Ángel Expósito does not believe the excuse of the son of a listener for not doing his homework: “A crack” – La Lanterna

The director of The Lantern, Angel Exposito, I couldn’t believe this Tuesday when I remembered the excuse of the son of a COPE listener for not doing school homework. And it is that it was a classic moment for the listeners of the program that Jon Uriarte wanted to rescue as part of the section ‘I have seen light’, and in which both communicators wanted to give a lesson on the best way to “play Swedish”.

All this as a result of the news that the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijoó, had to meet on the same day of the motion of censure with European ambassadors at the Swedish Embassy, ​​all this on such an important day in the Congress.

The child’s excuse for not doing homework

Thus, Uriarte wondered this Tuesday: “Someone who knows how to be Swedish is born or made?” A question that, in the words of the COPE communicator, has an answer: “We have proof that he is born with that gift.” “Let’s remember Nekane Fernández recounting the excuse of a child, the son of a listener, and what he said to not do his homework,” Ángel Expósito pointed out, before giving way to a classic moment for the listeners of La Linterna. Listen to the anecdote in the following audio.