Angela Groothuizen hopes for culture change after The Voice fuss

According to Angela, it is necessary that the culture changes to prevent such sexually transgressive behavior in the future. “A lot of confidential counsellors, reporting desks and codes of conduct are being set up. But you don’t make a cultural change with a reporting center,” says Angela, who has had to deal with sexual intimidation several times since she was twelve. “Not much has changed since my childhood. As long as shame and guilt lie with the victims and predators are tolerated with their joke-must-have, everything remains the same.”

The singer, who was both a coach at The Voice of Holland, The Voice Kids in The Voice Senior, decided after reports of inappropriate behavior behind the scenes of The Voice to contact the participants she supervised. While most told her they had “a great time,” Angela also received some messages from candidates who had bad experiences. “Girls in the big Voice have not always felt safe”, she writes. “I have always had ‘the conversation’ with my talents beforehand, in which I encourage them to remain alert and to come to me immediately if something is not right. I am and was not afraid to address such a predator about its behavior. But have I done enough? Was I alert enough during those long shooting days of sometimes up to 18 hours when we were working through a packed schedule,” she now wonders.

Last Saturday it was announced that the current season of The Voice of Holland has been shut down due to reports of inappropriate behavior behind the scenes. These were brought to light by the BNNVARA program BOOS by Tim Hoffman. In the episode that was shown on Thursday, band leader Jeroen Rietbergen, coaches Ali B and Marco Borsato and a director of the program are accused of misconduct by several women. Producer ITV and RTL are conducting an independent investigation into the allegations.