Angèle custom-dressed by Chanel for ‘Nonante-cinq’ tour

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Angèle (26) has been able to call herself the face of the French fashion house Chanel for two years now and that apparently runs very smoothly. They are even expanding their collaboration. For the tour ‘Nonante-cinq’, designer Virginie Viard has made tailor-made outfits. A first for the brand.

Angèle’s new wardrobe consists of a dozen suits in different colors and materials, a combination of tweed and sequins. Accessories such as boots and sunglasses are also provided. A number of designs are inspired by the spring-summer collection Prêt-à-porter from 1995, the year of birth of Angèle, after which the record and now the tour is named.

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Angèle already wore a first outfit at the start of the tour in Reims, France last week. On May 16 she will perform in a sold out Vorst Nationaal in Brussels. In December she will perform another four times in Forest National and once in the Antwerp Sportpaleis.

©  AFP