Ángeles Blanco: «The hoaxes are frequent because they are free»

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More than 400 kilometers separate Badajoz from Madrid, but the distance did not prevent Ángeles Blanco (Badajoz, 47 years old) from fulfilling her vocation: to be a journalist to “be in the places where things happened and to be able to tell them.” «While my friends played skipping rope, I used it as a microphone to tell stories. It was always clear to me, “recalls the Extremaduran. Make almost three decades who arrived at Telecinco, where he has the record of having gone through all the editions of his news programs. “I arrived almost 27 years ago after flooding Spain with resumes,” he explains. A phone call summoned him for a meeting with the journalist Luis Mariñas, who at the time was the person most responsible for the news on the channel. “I was almost a girl and my legs were shaking. I do not tell you about the nerves I felt when Luis Mariñas received me in his office, “he recalls.

At Telecinco, Ángeles has been a political information writer, coordinator, editor and presenter, at different times and times. He launched in 1997, together with a very small team, the morning edition that opened the chain’s daily broadcasts. “If the weekend is very difficult, because you do not agree with the family, the morning directly affects sleep and therefore the mood and health if you can’t get a good night’s sleep, “he confesses. “He would come in around one in the morning to prepare it and leave at half past nine in the morning, after presenting it. It is a difficult turn, but there is a lot of trouble with the team, “he adds.

Since 2017, the journalist is in charge of the information of the weekend together with José Ribagorda. «I am sorry to contradict those who assure that on the weekend the information is more relaxed. Not at all. Today is very intense, as much as on daily days. The only thing that changes is the viewer attitudeBecause you can sit in a hurry in front of the television, “he says.

However, the coronavirus has forced to change the work dynamics. Ángeles takes turns with Ribagorda in the presentation of the news «for do not coincide in the wording». The health crisis “has greatly changed the way of working.” “Given the complications, we are doing a lot of video conference interviews,” he adds.

A right to truthful information for citizens that is bombarded by the proliferation of false news on social networks. How to respond from journalism to this boom? “In all forcefulness,” demands Angeles. “It seems to me that it matters less and less if what is read or seen is real. I think there is an ever expanding sector that he is willing to believe and defend false news because it coincides with his thinking or ideology, ”he denounces.

Victim of an absurd hoax

The woman from Extremadura was the victim of an absurd hoax with accusations on social networks in which it was written that the presenter said “thank God” while reporting the cases of coronavirus in Germany. The reality, easily verifiable by reproducing the original recording, was that Angeles affirmed “thank you, Dario” in reference to the previous connection with the correspondent for Telecinco and this newspaper in Rome, Darío Menor. “The most curious thing is that those they encouraged lies They posted the video in which it could be verified that it was false. But it does not matter. It was much more fun to laugh and insult than to verify that it was all an invention, “regrets Angeles. A “terrible” situation that does not surprise him either because “it happens more and more frequently”. «It is free and nobody does anything to stop it. You have to endure offenses and insults just because. It is tremendous helplessness.



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