Los Angeles, USA.
The latest information that had been made public about the tense divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie pointed to the ex-marriage had managed to reach a temporary agreement on the custody of their six offspring in common last summer, but it seems that finally the negotiations respect have failed and the two actors will face each other in court next December.
This same Monday both have presented the pertinent legal documents requesting that it extend until June 2019 the period that had been granted to resolve the details of their separation under the tutelage of the same 'private judge' -a neutral figure, usually a former judge , with experience in the area of ​​litigation – who had followed his case up to now and who will be in charge of listening to all the petitions and proposals before the trial, which he will also chair.
In the same process will also decide the distribution of the assets of the former couple in the absence of a prenuptial agreement.
It is expected that the meeting of the two celebrities in court will take place behind closed doors, involving several children, and it is possible that at least one of them receives a special permission to appear by phone call.
Angelina remains determined to get sole custody of her six children, while her ex-husband will request that it be shared.
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So far it has been the actress who has had physical custody of children, which was obtained on the basis of an interim arrangement to which both parties arrived at the end of the same year in which they filed for divorce, but last June the judge in charge of the case ruled that children should spend more time with their father and that their mother should help them as much as possible to repair their emotional relationship.
She, meanwhile, filed a formal petition in August stating that Brad Pitt had not contributed substantially to the expenses related to the education and maintenance of his extensive offspring, so he requested that a specific figure be set. to replace the system of sporadic payments that had been used until then.
The interpreter countered by claiming that he had given more than nine million to his ex since the end of his marriage and, more specifically, that he had lent him eight to buy the mansion in which he currently resides with his children. .


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