Angrily accusing Xu Renjie of crimes in marriage, his ex-wife’s best friend sprayed “a bit of exposure will cause big head syndrome”: even grabbing the electric cooker|Entertainment|CTWANT

Lai Xinyu’s best friend can’t stand it and criticizes Xu Renjie. (Photo / Reposted from Facebook / Xu Renjie)

Xu Renjie, the “Star Gang” actor who debuted on the talent show “Super Avenue of Stars”, recently revealed a marriage change, and was recently accused of ruining his marriage. His wife Lai Xinyu (Yaxi) couldn’t bear it anymore and chose to “clean up and leave the house” , signed a divorce, sparking discussion. Now even Lai Xinyu’s best friend can’t stand it anymore, and she posted angrily, “A little exposure will cause a big headache? Please, go where it is cool, don’t make trouble when you think about it.”

My best friend criticizes me, a man can only talk but can’t raise, has love for outsiders, and the family can grow up by breathing air, emotional blackmail, hitting the wall, committing suicide, and jumping off the building are all more realistic than the script of a friend’s station, “during the relationship Who will help you repay the rent and other things that you owe? Who will pay for your travel expenses? How much is the total cost of marriage? How much do you get to marry a wife? How much do you pay after marriage? ?”

Boudoir friends are on fire, “Separated and moved, have you ever thought about whether your wife needs household electrical appliances? If it weren’t for the bright eyes, everyone really wouldn’t know that you are so short that you have to stealthily steal the electric cooker? You can only be yourself.” Good man in a shell”, are you acting like the people next to you have no eyes and no brains?”

The best friend said that the sisters are finally out of the sea of ​​suffering, and women should be self-improvement, “We have many ideals and ambitions, and please don’t rub or lick a piece. Please, go wherever it is cool, and don’t make trouble when you think about it. When the curtain ends, the curtain ends. Watch You can go to any parking lot you want to find and go to, anyway, we don’t have a parking lot to accommodate you, so we won’t see you off.”

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2023-06-01 01:57:14