Angry and Mistakes, Reasons for the Head of the Nunukan Police to torture Brigadier SL

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The North Kalimantan Police (Kaltara) said that Nunukan Police Chief AKBP Syaiful Anwar hit and kicked his men, Brigadier SL, because they were carried away by emotion and made a mistake. Syaiful has been removed from his position and is currently being investigated by the Profession and Security Division (Propam).

“Because of a mistake, I met him and asked him if he made a mistake and was irritated. He was annoyed that he made a mistake,” said Head of Public Relations of the Kaltara Police, Kombes Budi Rachmat when contacted, Wednesday (27/10).

Budi said the incident should not have happened at the Bhayangkara Corps. According to him, the violence cannot be justified if the pretext of the perpetrator is to discipline its members.

Budi reminded that the police have procedures and mechanisms to be able to provide sanctions for members who violate the rules or do not work well.

“You can give written verbal warnings, physical actions such as push ups. It can even lead to dismissal. That’s the mechanism that is not carried out because of emotions,” he explained.

Troubled police officers, he said, could also be deducted their job points so that it would take longer to advance in rank.

Therefore, Bidpropam is currently conducting an investigation and deepening regarding the alleged violation of the code of ethics committed by the middle officer of the Bhayangkara Corps.

“This is all, Propam Nunukan, Polda Kaltara and Police Headquarters are helping each other,” he added.

The mistreatment carried out by AKBP Syaiful Anwar against his subordinates was recorded on a CCTV recording at the Nunukan Police Station. The video of the beating is about 43 seconds long and is seen taken on Thursday, October 21.

The beatings allegedly started when the Police Chief was attending the peak event of the Bhayangkari Movement Unity Day (HKGB) via video conference with the National Police Headquarters and the Kaltara Regional Police.

However, in the middle of the event, it was reported that there was a technical problem that made the Police Chief summon the victim, Brigadier SL. It’s just that Brigadier SL never gave an answer or met the Chief of Police.

This is what allegedly caused the Police Chief to be annoyed and disapproved of the SL Brigadier who served in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) section of the Resort Police, which led to acts of persecution.


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