angry employees took over the board

15 hours : The metropolitan council resumes its course after this long hiatus. At the same time, specifies Christophe Ferrari, “negotiations and discussions are continuing with trade unions and collectives of non-union employees”.

14h15 : The meeting of the metropolitan council must resume at 3 p.m. The demonstrators have, for the time being, left the surroundings of the room.

12h40 : The employees return to the enclosure and interrupt the session. Christophe Ferrari tries to continue the agenda. “Despised agents”, they chant. Christophe Ferrari must suspend the meeting.

12h15 : Two hours after the theoretical start of the Metropolitan Council, Christophe Ferrari announces its opening while a delegation “is in exchange with the representatives of the technical committee”.

11:30 am: The counseling still hasn’t started. The demonstrators always demand concrete commitments during the interview which must be held with the elected officials. “All the trade unions will ask the question of whether or not there will be an envelope for the increase in working time if there is to be an increase in working time.”

“We leave them twenty minutes,” continues a member of the intersyndicale. If they don’t provide an answer, we come back here ”.

10h30 : Dozens of employees of Grenoble Alpes Métropole invested this Friday morning the metropolitan council which was to start at 10 am, as they had done on July 2. After showing their anger at the law of public transformation, they invaded the council room where they deploy banners and slogans, whistling the elected representatives of the majority by chanting “shame on you” in particular.

Opposed to the law on the transformation of the civil service, passed in August 2019, they do not want to lose “at least eight days” of leave per year. This reform should indeed apply working time to 1,607 hours per year for civil servants. However, in certain communities, this “threshold” not being reached, it results in the elimination of days of leave equivalent, according to the unions, to “464 € net for a category C agent, and much more for higher categories” .

Agents from the municipalities of Échirolles, Saint-Martin-d’Hères, Grenoble and Eybens joined this event. “We do not understand the resignation of our Metropolis” they say.

The president of the Metropolis, Christophe Ferrari, spoke: “We listened to you attentively (“ liar ”, shouts a demonstrator), all the mayors listened to you. It was proposed to meet with the elected officials of the technical committee, but you must leave the council until this discussion takes place if you accept it. If you don’t agree, we’ll discuss other things. The proposal has been made to you, it is not blackmail, you accept it or not. I suspend the meeting and you will take the time to make your decision ”(hoots).

In the process, the many demonstrators refused the proposal and remain on site in a room under tension and, in fact, overcrowded.