Several thousand Marseillais -8,000, according to the police – marched Saturday in tribute to the victims of the collapse of two buildings, which killed 8 people, expressing their "black anger" on their arrival under the windows of the town hall to the shouts of "Gaudin assassin! Gaudin resignation! "

As a symbol of criticism and controversy over the municipality and its management of unworthy housing since the tragedy, the balcony of a building – apparently apparently in good condition – partially collapsed a few meters to The pain of the white march resulted in 3 light injuries: a 59-year-old woman and a 7-year-old boy, fallen from the first floor, and a 24-year-old woman, who received a block of stone on her foot.

Gathered before a few dozen meters from the place of the disaster, the procession shook behind the relatives of the eight victims -5 men and 3 women-, a white rose in the hand. Among them, many friends of Pope Maguette, a young Senegalese dead under the rubble of his building, brandished portraits of the young men, dreadlocks on the head.

"You realize that Monday morning, an hour after the collapse, he had an appointment for a new home?" Says his friend Salim. Tonio, 39, cigarette in hand, evokes him, his "sleepless nights" since Monday: "I'm afraid, a month ago, I still lived in a building that was evacuated yesterday, as a precaution (…). It's not normal to live that, it's an insult to the poor. "

In the demonstrators, anger rises very quickly. "Today there are children who refuse to go to school because they are afraid for their mother who stays at home, people who freak because their apartment is dirty and wet", denounces Évelyne, of the collective "November 5".

– "A political catastrophe!" –

After crossing in an impressive silence Noailles, the popular district where took place the drama, usually very alive, the procession arrives at the bottom of the Canebière, not far from the town hall of Jean-Claude Gaudin, target of virulent criticisms since the drama.

Under the balconies of the town hall, the shouts fuse: "Gaudin assassin! Gaudin in prison! Gaudin resignation! " A minute's silence follows, followed by a long salvo of applause, in great emotion.

"It's not a natural disaster but a political disaster!", Launches the microphone Kevin, a resident of the street of Aubagne. After the tragedy, the mayor had mentioned among the causes of the collapse of buildings heavy rains.

"We refuse that this tragedy is an opportunity for the mayor and speculators to release anyone from the neighborhood," also warns the young, applauded loudly. Hundreds of residents of the collapsed buildings – three of which one fell partially under the relief and only one was inhabited – and several others around were evacuated by precaution by the authorities. These fear a "domino effect" in a neighborhood whose buildings are often very old. The search for victims was stopped on Saturday.

Several elected officials, including LFI deputy Bouches-du-Rhone Jean-Luc Melenchon, or deputies LREM Said Ahamada and Alexandra Louis, paraded discreetly, without scarf tricolor.

The Marseille city council has supported 187 families or 404 people in five hotels in the city, announced the municipality in a statement Saturday evening. "With the support of social landlords, the city now has 150 available social housing, including 60 in the city center," said the city, adding that "9 households have accepted a final relocation and 2 a temporary relocation". The town hall has also made available to the victims a restaurant and "canteen free" for all children.

Since November 7, 130 reports have been recorded throughout the municipality and 78 interventions have taken place, said the City. By way of comparison, for the whole of 2017 the mayor had signed less than 100 imminent danger orders.

Throughout the week, the criticisms of the management of Jean-Claude Gaudin (LR), in charge of the city for 23 years, have continued to grow. A report submitted in 2015 to the government reported 40,000 unworthy housing in Marseille, threatening the security of nearly 100,000 inhabitants (Marseille has more than 860,000 according to INSEE).

An investigation was opened and entrusted to the judicial police to determine the exact circumstances of the disaster and possible responsibilities.


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