anguish at Thirion pasta in Colmar

“Today I am working empty” : in front of the soaring cost of raw materials, the artisanal company Thirion pasta production company based in Colmar is struggling to cope. “Durum wheat semolina has increased, we have transport which has taken 20%, packaging, cellophanes”, underlines the owner, Dan Hamon Serval. However, the prices are already fixed with the partners, these increases cannot therefore be passed on directly.

The anguish of taking out salaries “

“We are in anguish to take out the salaries, to be able to pay the bills at the end of the month”, worries Dan Hamon Serval who employs seven people at its manufacturing site in Colmar. “Craftsmen, like us, are extremely affected because we have no buffer stocks, no reserve stocks.” Ultimately, the prices of Thirion pasta are expected to increase.

Jules Thirion pasta is found in supermarkets and grocery stores in Alsace, but also in some luxury grocery stores in Paris.