The marriage of a popular singer is under threat. According to a man from close associates Ani Lorak, at this time her husband Murat Nalcagioglu lives with a model of Yana Belyaeva, who recently denied an affair with him. The news of cheating on the part of her husband Ani Lorak was a big surprise for the singer's fans. Marriage 39-year-old Ani was considered ideal until her husband, 41-year-old Murat Nalchagioglu, was found in the company of 26-year-old model Yana Belyaeva in one of Kiev's karaoke bars. And recently a person close to the environment Lorak said that after the emerged hype Nalcagioglu began to live with Belyaeva. The couple allegedly rented an apartment in the prestigious district of Kiev, whose payment comes from the earnings of Ani. And yet recently, Yana Belyaeva denied the fact that she and Murat have a romantic relationship and assured the public that they are just friends and have known each other for years.
After all this, especially attentive fans Lorak noticed the absence of an engagement ring on her arm, after which it was assumed that the singer had decided to completely steal the relationship with her husband, however, the divorce of the couple is still out of the question. Ani does not intend to comment on what is happening, and the singer's representatives ask her not to ask her questions about her personal life. Nalcagioglu gave an explanation of what was happening, noting that no one knows how things are in their lives with Lorak's family: "Do not evaluate my actions, thoughts and feelings from my point of view. You do not even know half of what is happening inside of me, "Murat wrote in a social statement. In a difficult situation with Ani and Murat, Yuri Falesa intervened, with whom the singer had been in a relationship for 13 years. Yuri and Lorak parted not on a very positive note: the singer left him to the football player Sergei Rebrov. Since the time of Thales he was able to forgive her, and at this time is ready to come to her aid. "If this marriage continues to exist, it means that everything suits them. I hope that Caroline will be able to forgive her husband, because they have a common child. I think that she will cope with all of this, "Yuri said. Let us remind you that on August 14, beloved Nalchagioglu Yan Belyaeva took part in the beauty contest" Miss Ukraine Universe 2018 ", which was held in Kiev. Many believed that Yana could win the crown of the winner, armed with the support of Nalchagioglu, but the model entered only nine finalists. According to the rules of the contest, the main beauty should have an impeccable reputation, which Belyaev can hardly boast of.

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